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Link Gumbo 9/19/11



Inside LSU Football for Sept 18, 2011. This week's featured player: T-Bob Hebert


It's WVU week again, and we already have a wager of art. Check out our BlogBros over at The Smoking Musket where they're coming off a closer win than expected against Maryland and are preparing for what could be a very important week in WVU sports history.

The Jordan Jefferson case (with the BRPD finishing it's investigation of a bar fight nearly a month after it happened) had a nice outing in the media over the weekend as Jefferson's attorney has filed to have the charges dismissed and the victims attorney calling BS on the motion. It seems this one will be headed for court and could take a very long time to resolve. The option to red-shirt Jefferson becomes a more viable option as each week passes. 

The Thursday game left the local press believing the Tigers might stay close by this winter as the Advocate praised the excellent work of the O-Line and the Times-Pic praised Jarrett Lee's career revival.

It was a big weekend for praise from the national media as well. As most of it came out Friday, you may have seen it by now, but be sure not to miss the great work from Sports IllustratedThe New York Freakin' Times, and the good Doctor.

The New York Freakin' Times (as it shall be known from this point forward) also ran an interesting piece last week on the Louisiana Tigers Civil War battalion that became the origin for our mascot. It's a tale most Louisiana school children know, but the piece presents it in such great detail that it's worth sharing. (H/T Energyman)

And while we are on the subject of the military, there was this gem from Army's upset of Northwestern this weekend: they do signal boards a little differently.

We should not go further this morning without mentioning what was, in my eyes, the most enjoyable SEC game of the weekend: Vanderbilt dropping a proverbial train on Ole Miss, 30-7, in a game that was a shutout until the final minutes. While the 'Dores bask in their brief sunshine, the Rebs seem numb to the pain.

As The Aggie Turns has now returned to full-on CONFERENCEEXPANDAGGEDON once again as the ACC went from 0-to-60 this weekend by officially poaching Pitt and Syracuse from the Big East, seemingly before the Big East commish even knew what was happening. The vultures are circling the remaining football members, with WVU rumored to have sent in paperwork to the SEC this weekend and UConn seeking it's own life raft in the ACC. Meanwhile, the original Pac-16 rumors from last year are back in full force with Texas suddenly seeming willing to compromise on it's Longhorn Network plans in order to gain admittance.

Former LSU pitcher Brian Wilson went Back to the Future this weekend.

It was a great weekend for the olympic sports as Volleyball opened conference play with road wins at Ole Miss and at Bama while soccer beat McNeese St at home and hosts Oklahoma in a rare Monday Night game tonight. Remember that attendance is free at all volleyball and soccer home games this year.

Injured Cheer Coach Chico Garcia has been moved to a rehab center in Atlanta for treatment from his boating accident.

Missing from the Nike press release earlier this month: the new Pro Combat Commencement Regalia.

More coming this afternoon from the weekly press lunch.