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East Bound and Down: The West Virginia Road Trip

First, a little travelling music




1,137 Miles. 2 day. 6 states. 4 SEC cities (maybe 5 by the end of the week?) This is the journey myself and a few tailgating friends (and a Friend Of The Program) have set before us. And we do not travel lightly...


This is just my truck.


Updates here from me will be limited until I get back, but I'll do my best to keep the updates flowing on the ATVS twitter feed. If you're heading to Morgantown, you can keep an eye out for me in two ways. First, we are tentatively set to tailgate in the Purple Lot on WVU's campus. Just look for the Team KATT banner. We're bringing as much boudin, pastalaya, and abita as we can get across state lines, so come on over and sit a spell.



Second, I'll generally be roving around during the day taking in the scenery and trying not to get burned alive by the natives. That may be a little difficult as I certainly wont be in inconspicuous attire...


Yes, the Jorts-Pajama Pants-Chuck Taylor's combo is heading to Morgantown as well. I'll not buck tradition just because I'm on the road.


As you read this, I'm probably in Mississippi somewhere (or, more likely, still stuck in Baton Rouge traffic) headed for my first night stop in Nashville.  With the exception of the Saturday Threads, I'm out of here until next Wednesday. I trust you'll all behave and not give Poseur and the rest of the fellas too much trouble.