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Link Gumbo 9/22/11

Apologies for the brevity that follows, but this is the last you'll see from me here for a few days. More on that later this morning.

Yesterday's big story was the beginning of Gran Jury testimony in the Shady's case, in which the 4 victims and a few unidentified witnesses testified. They will reconvene next Wednesday, when Jordan Jefferson will take the stand in his own defense, says his attorney. 

Les Miles had a brief press conference after practice, and despite a bunch questions about the Grand Jury he wouldn't make a comment on, the news was that both OL Chris Faulk and P Brad Wing should be available on Saturday. It's posted after the break.

The radio show last night was alright, but Miles' answer to the Evil Twin's question (which had a Nazi reference of all things) at the 40 minute mark about how Miles became a Michigan Man is an amusing anecdote and the discussion that followed on burning couches is one of the classic Les Miles answers. It's posted after the break. is in love with how our defense keeps reloading

The Sugar Bowl got caught making political donations to Gov. Blanco back in 04 and 06 for a total of $5,000. This doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

Anchor of Gold's game reviews have a "PiBB ICE Player of the Game" which should be reason enough to revel in their beatdown of Ole Miss again.

The 40's must have been a weird time at LSU. What else could explain the student body throwing a stripper in the lake. [SFW] (judging by the pics, looks like it happened in front of the indian mounds)

Wanna see what the SEC league office looks like?

After the break: The Les Miles Show, player interviews, WVU HC Dana Holgorsen's Press Conference, and this month's edition of Tiger Talk with LSU volleyball coach Fran Flory and new LSU Softball coach Beth Torina.

Les Miles Post Practice Press Conference - 9/21/11

The Les Miles Show - September 21, 2011


OL T-Bob Hebert



S Eric Reid


S Brandon Taylor



K Drew Alleman



WVU HC Dana Holgorsen Press Conference



Tiger Talk for September 21,  2011