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Blog Pollin Week 5

Not a whole lot change this week, as many teams held serve. Explanations after the jump.


1-5.  LSU's resume is clearly the best in the country.  I try to vote, at this point, primarily on the grounds of "what have you done?"  LSU has the best answer.  I flipped Bama and OU base on the Arkansas win, and Okie St. joins my group of elites with a win over a top ten caliber team on the road.

6-10.  Stanford and Wisconsin are of the same quality as the top five, but they need to actually beat somebody with a pulse.  Oregon continues it's slow climb back up the polls. Clemson makes a huge jump into the top ten, now with wins over Auburn and FSU.  Let's give credit to a team that has actually done something.

11-15.  A big bag of "meh".  A&M doesn't get dinged too badly for a close loss to a top five team.  I'm not sold on anyone except maybe Florida, but they have all had their moments of looking pretty darn good.

16-20.  The unlikely trio of Baylor, Iowa St, and Illinois kick this off.  RG III has more touchdowns than incompletions for your crazy impressive stat of the day. Arkansas and WVU both drop not really for losing, but for losing big.  Arkansas especially.  Play a good team.

21-25.  ASU is back in my top 25 over GT, mainly for a better win.  I kept FSU in the poll because they lost to two top teams fairly close.  They seem like a top 25 team, not a top 10 team.  I don't want to punish a team too much for actually playing teams.