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Monday Press Lunch: Week 5 v. Kentucky


Press conference starts at the 20 minute mark. Miles gets a good shot in at Old Man Ted talking about the 80th anniversary of the first LSU Night Game. When asked why the team does so well on the road he responds that it's "A Damn Good Football Team." Breaks out the stat that Mo Claiborne's TD run was the 15th SP Teams TD in his tenure. The team enjoys the compliment of a #1 ranking, but knows there is still work to do. Credits Kragthorpe with Lee's improvement in decision making. Injuries: TB Hebert "day to day" Hurst "likely" Loston "likely" Brockers "likely". At the 33:40 mark Miles gives a concerned response to the potential death of the Big XII. Should JJ and JJ become available (grand jury meets again on wednesday), they'll be added back in immediately, but Miles wouldn't get specific. Miles dodges the "trash talking" question as skillfully as always. Not worried too much about the few busted plays by the defense this week. The decision to burn the Redshirt on Jermauria Rasco late in the game was based on Miles belief that he'll be needed later this year. The multiple 38's on the kickers is by design. The lack of a great pass rush on Geno Smith was also by design as the coaching staff was concerned about how quick he could get rid of the ball. While he didn't play this week, there are also no plans to put a redshirt on La'el Collins.


LSU Release [PDF]

Kentucky Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF]

Punter Wing Named SEC Player of the Week

LSU-Florida to Kickoff at 2:30 p.m. on CBS

Mathieu Repeats as National Player of the Week

Football Ranked No. 1 by AP; No. 2 in Coaches' Poll


A Depth chart with actual changes after the break. Greg Shaw has been removed from the LT rotation and T-Bob has been removed from the RG rotation. Player interviews also after the break.



P Brad Wing



QB Jarrett Lee


CB Tyrann Mathieu