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Link Gumbo 9/8/11

The Cheering For Chico campaign continues as he begins to recover from his spinal cord injury. Many big names in the LSU community have lent their support, including Shaq, who's in town for his statue unveiling later today. There are various fundraisers going on on campus and in the surrounding area over the next few days, and we encourage you all to help support the coach.

Yesterday was the 60th birthday of LSU All-American and Heisman finalist QB Bert Jones. has a fantastic article from one of his longtime friends who writes for the Baltimore Sun.

The radio show was very relaxed last night, as everyone is still celebrating the Oregon win. The most notable event was Miles correcting a caller, and anyone else who was listening, that Tyrann Mathieu is not "little." The full show is posted after the break.

Coach Miles also shared his opinions, as a former coach in the Big 8 and Big XII, about the addition of A&M and the breakup of that conference during his post-practice press conference yesterday. He also shared an interesting story about being the head coach at Oklahoma St. during 9/11. It's also posted after the break.

This most bizarre thing posted after the break? Les Miles on The Gerry DiNardo Show in Chicago where they have a frank discussion on oversigning of all things.

The awards keep rolling in for Tyrann, as he was named the Jim Thorpe National Defensive Back of the Week.

We learned last night from the Tiger Zone radio show and confirmed by many others that Russell Shepard's suspension will only last through week 3, with him returning to action against West Virginia

The only real movement in the Jefferson/Johns case is that JJ's attorney is asking for his shoes back along with the reason for taking the shoes in the first place.

Ready for the Jinx? Michael Ford is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp was in Dallas for the game and filed this great photo essay from the game and the tailgate.

After all the consternation over the crazy uniforms last weekend, College Baseball Daily bring up some of the sport's own ghosts from the past, including *shudder* LSU's black unis from the Smoke Laval days.

As The Aggie Turns went full supernova yesterday, as the fate of the BX, and indeed college football itself, rests in the hands of....Ken Starr. The one new wrinkle that was surprising, but ultimately insignificant, is that the Arkansas AD is confirming rumors that they were approached by the BX to join. LSU Chancellor Michael Martin sat down with the Advocate to discuss LSU's outlook on the situation and further conference expansion.

Tons of video after the break today, including Player interviews from Tuesday, yesterday's post-practice press conference, last night's radio show, and a handful of the best crowd videos from last weekend with a great clip of the team coming out of the tunnel.

Les Miles on The Gerry DiNardo Show


Sam Montgomery


Jarrett Lee


Tyrann Mathieu


Les Miles Post-Practice Press Conference 9/7/11


The Les Miles Show for September 7th, 2011



LSU - Oregon: Callin' Baton Rouge


LSU - Oregon: Hold'em Back Les!



LSU - Oregon: Postgame Alma Mater