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And The Valley Shook SEC Powerpoll Week 4

Another week, another shake up of the Powerpoll. As always, keep an eye out on Garnett and Black Attack for the results from the SEC blogs.

1. Kentucky- No surprise here. The Wildcats pulled out a tough win over Alabama and don't show any signs of slowing down.

2. Vanderbilt- Despite losing a close overtime home game against Mississippi State, the 'Dores move up to #2 after a blowout of at Alabama.

3. Mississippi State- The Bulldogs would be #2 if not for a loss against Mississippi earlier in the week. They've played like a solid ranked team for most of the year.

4. Florida- Only one game this week, and it was a win over LSU, so they slide up a spot.

5. Mississippi- Surprisingly, I put Mississippi up here. The Rebels have responded nicely after a double OT loss to Auburn with two straight wins. They have played well since being destroyed by LSU.

6. Alabama- Based on the Vanderbilt game, Alabama would be lower, but based on the Kentucky game, they might be deserving of a better spot. However, the lack of wins in either game moves the Tide towards the middle of the pack.

7. Tennessee- An out of conference win over UConn doesn't move them in the SEC standings, but it did show how talented Jarnell Stokes is.

8. Arkansas- Another out of conference win for the SEC, as the Hogs took down Michigan in an up and down game. They were only inches away from defeat after leading virtually the entire game, but the final 3 pointer wouldn't go for the Wolverines.

9. LSU- If not for the big wins by the above two teams, the Tigers would be up a little bit higher. They stopped their losing streak by beating Auburn in overtime, but fell on the road to Florida. Justin Hamilton continues to be the heart and soul of the team.

10. Georgia- A similar week for the UGA Bulldogs as they beat Tennessee in overtime, but fell to Mississippi.

11. Auburn- The other Tigers end their streak of overtimes with a win over South Carolina. They will probably be a pesky team for the rest of the season.

12. South Carolina- Only one SEC team is still winless in league play, and that's the Gamecocks. It doesn't get any easier with Alabama and Mississippi coming next week.