LSU tight end DeAngelo Peterson still trying to forget BCS disaster - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -


This seems to verify what "WhoDatSaintsLSU" posted 9 days ago. "I just think, the offense, we didn't have a chance to put the ball in our playmakers hands to do something," Peterson said. The game plan that we had, that we were working on in the weeks before the game and everything, I don't think we used it. So, as for going to 'plan B,' that would have been 'plan B,' - the game plan that we planned for. I felt we were going to run all the plays we we'd been practicing up to that time for the game we really weren't calling none of it. We might call a couple of plays that we worked on, but as for the whole game plan I don't think we used it. I just think the playmakers on offense, they didn't really have a chance to make no plays. That's the big thing that bothers me. I feel like I could have done more to help the team move the ball, Russell Shepard feels the same way, Rueben Randle feels the same way, our other receivers feel the same way. That's the main thing, that we didn't have the opportunity."