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Link Gumbo 12/27/12

The men lost in Starkville in a game that ended much closer than expected, with LSU still having a chance in it's final possessions. Coach Johnson got a bench warning within the first two minutes of play, a Technical at the end of the game, and also learned how to levitate. I hate to make it sound like Saturday's home game against Kentucky is a make-or-break moment for the season, but it is.

I'm not sure what to do with TE DeAngelo Peterson's comments about LSU not using it's game plan or most of it's practiced plays against Bama other than to agree that the offensive playcalling was baffling. As much as I'd like to just erase the game from my mind, the offensive coaching situation going to keep coming up during the offseason, especially when it comes time to replace the open staff spot that was Billy Gonzales's.

Speaking of the oddities of the BCS game, I know this counts as ancient in internet years, but if you haven't heard it give a listen to a radio interview T-Bob Hebert gave in Georgia last week if you still think there was a locker room incident.

Speaking of T-Bob, he and Jarrett Lee were named Grand Marshalls for the Krewe of Zeus parade.

Meanwhile at the Senior Bowl, S Brandon Taylor is doing his best to impress the NFL scouts. The game is at 3pm Saturday on NFLNet. LSU has 3 players on the South roster: Peterson, Taylor, and OL Will Blackwell.

An old familiar name popped up in this recap of the East-West shrine game: DT Akiem Hicks.

LSU is spending 8 million on some cosmetic upgrades to the North and West exteriors of Tiger Stadium. I guess those parking permit fees aren't going away any time soon...

4 former Tigers are on the Super Bowl rosters this year: CB Corey Webster and WR Michael Clayton with New York and RBs Stevan Ridley and Kevin Faulk for New England. In addition, Chad Jones (WOOOOO!) is still on the Giant's special Injured Reserved list and Ryan Perrilloux, who at last count has been signed and released by the Giants EIGHTEEN TIMES this season, could still make their roster. Having players on both rosters guarantees LSU it's 11th straight Super Bowl victory. UPDATE: Nope, they signed and cut him AGAIN. Kevin Faulk, being the elder statesman of the group, took some time to reflect on his career.

We're just 21 days from first pitch as the team begins their first scrimmages today. The Coach's poll (which is the one ESPN uses for TV) has 6 SEC teams in the top 25, with UF and SCar starting 1-2, and LSU settling in at #14. Future division-mate TAMU is ranked 6th. Baseball America also released their Top 25 with 7 SEC teams (LSU at #8) and some great team previews. The Poster is also out for this season. While I think of myself as a bit more well-rounded LSU sports fan, change up some of the detail's from AUPPL's love letter to college baseball and it could really apply to any fan of the Ping (also check out his early predictions for a good preview of auburn baseball this year).

In our continuing efforts to be your number 1 source for news on LSU club sports (hockey, bass fishing, etc.) we bring you news that the LSU Lacrosse season begins today with a home match against TAMU, or rather it would have if the UREC fields weren't flooded. LSU competes in the MCLA's Lone Star Alliance South Division and has games from now through the beginning of April.

We're less than a week from signing day, so prepare yourself emotionally, and brush up on your vocabulary.

After being sighted at football preseason practice, Jamarcus Russell is back on campus this semester to finish his degree.

ESPN The Magazine has a great story in next month's issue about the backstory of the recruit we missed out on, Landon Collins.

Who's the most sought after QB for next season in the NFL? Matt Flynn, of course.

College realignment has wide reaching effects beyond football. Take for example the story of San Diego State's epic journey to a basketball game at Wyoming.

Thoughts and prayers this weekend are with Skip Bertman and his family on the loss of his daughter, Dr. Lisa Jo Pate, to cancer at the age of 44.