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Link Gumbo 1/3/12

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Les Miles had one more meeting with the media before New Orleans, but it was more stand up routine than news. It's posted after the break. Jordan Jefferson also met with the media for the first time in a very long time (also after the break), which drug the fight back into prominence for a moment. SouthernMan has pretty much covered the thoughts I have on the matter.

With no worthwhile news coming out of the team, the biggest sports story in Baton Rouge is probably 1210AM The Score getting the rug pulled out from under it on New Year's Day. In one swipe, Jordy Hultberg, Jimmy Ott, Buddy Songy, and Richard Condon, along with all the other shows on the station are gone and the local sports talk market has been reduced to *looks around* Mascona's afternoon show on the ESPN station. I'm going to be honest and say that while I wasn't a fan of all of them, it was at least an alternative to the ESPN national shows (which, with the exception of Van Pelt, I don't enjoy at all).

The HS All-American games are getting underway this week (i'm sure Paul will have excellent coverage here as usual) and I'm proud to say that Gunner Kiel isn't embarrassing himself by worrying about what number he's wearing.

This may be the nicest thing The Man from Gannett, LA has ever written about Les Miles. It's a Christmas miracle.

Reaction to the release of the 2012 SEC FB schedule hasn't really been mixed. We all know Ole Miss is going to suffer and UGA somehow escapes playing any of LSU, Bama, or ARK again. When certain statistics are applied, the big winner in the schedule change appears to be...Vandy? The new schedule also leaves the Aggies with a few holes to fill.

Speaking of which, here's a cleaner version of the new conference map.

The Right Reverend Houston Nutt will coach again, in Tuscon of all places.

Of the lesser bowls you may have missed over the holiday, the most interesting thing to happen was the Skycam attacking an Iowa RB.

It's only 45 days until 1st pitch and Perfect Game has an excellent review of the Year in College Baseball.

Les Miles Press Conference 12-30-11

Jordan Jefferson Interview 12-28-11