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Link Gumbo 1/30/12

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We lead this morning with Lolo Jones and her fantastic comeback from back surgery this fall, because it was really the only thing good to happen in LSU Sports this weekend. The Men got walloped by Kentucky and now stand with the same conference record they had this time last year. The Lady Tigers also lost, on the road at Vandy. Even the Gym and Tennis teams had bad weekends.

The Kentucky game was (and will be) the largest crowd of the season by far, the perfect opportunity fora panorama inside the PMAC.

Tomorrow will be all about the 2012 signing class, but there was a brief amount of drama concerning the 2013 class yesterday as ATH Jeryl Brazil, LSU's only 2013 commit, decommited, then recommited within the space of an afternoon. Brazil says he's still strong with LSU, but wants to be able to take some recruiting trips. Can't say I blame a guy for wanting to see the rest of the SEC on other school's money for a year.

Ready for the Landon Collins story to get weirder? A blog that is part of an advice site for sports parents uncovered in an interview with Collins mother that she believes Collins' girlfriend had been given a job in Saban's office, presumably to help land Landon (you might recognize this as the ol' "Bear's Angels" trick). At this point, Collins recruitment has been so odd, I half expect him to sign with Auburn tomorrow.

Not sure how to use this to judge the talent level of this year's team, but 10 LSU baseball players have been named to rosters in this summer's Cape Cod League. Practice continues today with an open to the public scrimmage at 5pm today. There are some more interview videos from Media Day from Hunter Palmer of BBI and after the break.

There's one more College All-Star game to go this coming Saturday and Jordan Jefferson has made the South team roster. The game, Live from War Memorial in Little Rock, will be on Cox Sports at 3pm on Saturday.

TAMU is already looking to spend those big SEC checks and could play their 2013 or 2014 home slate in Houston while Kyle Field is having major renovations.

There has been a lot of turnover on SEC football staffs so far this offseason, CFN has a good wrap up.

The NCAA is looking into the possibility of further dividing the top tier of FBS football amid growing budget gaps. I shall affectionately call this new group D-1AAA.

UConn basketball is about as far off our radar as it gets, but their is an intriguing situation going on with one Ryan Boatright, who was recently cleared after apparently ratting out someone to the NCAA, which has now caused Boatright and his family to consider legal action against the NCAA after they released details of what he assisted them with. This thing is starting to look like Lester Earl all over again.

No longer just an image conjured up on a computer, Abita canned beer is a real live thing now.

Pitching Coach Alan Dunn

Weekend Starter Kevin Gausman

Tyler Hanover