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Link Gumbo 1/5/12

Good Morning, West Virginia just scored again.

LSU's bus trip to New Orleans had LIVE aerial coverage of the journey down I-10, which wasn't without problems. Les Miles had a short press conference after arriving at the hotel. It's posted after the break, along with comments from Saban, Rueben Randle, and Brandon Taylor.

Miles picked up another award yesterday morning, winning the Walter Camp Coach of the Year. He is the 2nd LSU coach to win the award, joining.....Jerry Stovall in 1982.

The player's time in New Orleans so far has been....interesting. I don't really care what establishments our players go to as long as it's not a place called Shady's. Meanwhile, our kicker is already on a lucky streak.

Fox Sports has an amazing story on Tyrann Mathieu's upbringing that's well worth your time.


In an update from Monday, it appears most of the 1210AM staff will land on their feet somewhere.

The Psychics are backing LSU.

Miles and Saban are both set to make MAD BANK off of this game.

AD Joe Alleva's got a new letter out, but there's nothing interesting in it

The greatest time sink you will see all year, it's the 2011 Top 50 Sports GIFs of the Year.

Terry Bowden is a wanted man in Alabama (for traffic tickets)

Les Miles BCSCG Press Conference 1-4-12

Nick Saban BCSCG Press Conference 1-4-12

Rueben Randle

Brandon Taylor