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SEC Opener; Ole Miss Rebels vs. LSU Tigers

Ole Miss fans have just given up...
Ole Miss fans have just given up...

Two more days. That's all. Maybe this game can help speed up time while we wait for Monday night.

The Ole Miss Rebels come into Baton Rouge for the SEC opening game for both teams. The LSU Tigers are coming off a tough loss to the Virginia Cavaliers 57-52, though that is nothing to worry about compared to what the Rebels are going through right now.

Ole Miss is having problems both on and off the court. The Rebels defeated their last opponent, SMU 50-48 just a couple of days ago, but it was their first win in about two weeks and ended a 3 game losing streak. It was a welcomed win for the fans in Oxford, but since then Ole Miss suspended their leading scorer Dundrecous Nelson for drug possession(along with multiple failed drug tests).

It's a big problem for the Rebels as they only score about 66 points per game, and taking away about 1/6th of it could result in a loss today, as the LSU Tigers are extremely stout defensively. Ole Miss does welcome Jelan Kendrick into the line up, though. He is a former McDonalds All-American and a transfer from Memphis. Thus far, he hasn't had much of an impact, but the opportunity created by Nelson's dismissal is big. He certainly had the talent coming out of high school, now Ole Miss fans are hoping it results in wins.

As for LSU, there is a problem for the Tigers that just recently happened. Our own MDAA, Johnny O'Bryant, suffered a broken finger in practice and will be out for a while to recover. No official timetable has been set, but a cautious estimate has to be for well into February. Malcolm White will also be out for this game to attend funeral services of a family member.

I think that makes it quite obvious what the keys to this game are. Stay out of foul trouble and have help from the guards and bench. Storm Warren will need to have a big game today. Jalen Courtney will need to show that he can be a big body for us and less of a small forward and spot shooter.

Vegas gives LSU a 4.5 point edge in this game, though I'm surprised they can even figure out a line with so many players out.

I'm taking LSU in this one by slightly more than the line. It will be very low scoring for both teams, but that is something that benefits LSU because more often than not it is due to their defense. Ole Miss really needs this game, but I question whether or not coach Kennedy will have his team ready or if they are committed to him.

Tip off is set for 12:45 CT and this game can be seen on the SEC Network. Click the link to see where the game is scheduled in your area.

The game is also available on Watch ESPN.