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Alabama A Lot, LSU Nothing

Well, we got our asses kicked. Completely and totally kicked in. There's not much else to say than that.

But on a night in which LSU's offense didn't even muster 100 yards, it is absolutely unfathomable why Jarrett Lee could not get meaningful snaps.I spent the second half wishing that LSU had a pocket QB with the ability to throw the ball deep, only to be reminded that indeed we had one sitting on the bench.

Maybe Lee couldn't have lead a comeback, as Alabama's defense looked stout all night long. But to not even attempt to change things up, especially when Jefferson was only trying short underneath routes in the fourth quarter and needing some big yards, was a monumental coaching blunder that defies explanation.

What a damned waste of a game. That was a miserable game made worse by the fact that the coaching staff didn't even try anything to change things up. It's one thing to lose. It's even another to get dominated. But to get dominated why you just passively take it is beyond frustrating.

You may use this thread as your place to vent, and to question Saban's parentage.