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Blog Pollin' Week 7

Yet another new #1

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Not a whole lot of movement in this week's poll, but the big mover is LSU, who finally has a resume to rank. Here's the ballot, followed by explanations.

1 Kansas St. Keeps racking up the quality wins. Iowa St's no world beater, but they are still better than anyone Alabama has played this season.

2 Florida. Escaped Vanderbilt with a win, which is really all you can do in Nashville. Escape.

3 Alabama. It's not their fault their schedule isn't as tough as other teams, as other teams haven't held up their end of the bargain. Alabama's holding up their end, by killing teams.

4 Oregon. Relaxing bye week.

5 Notre Dame. Aided by some questionable officiating, particularly on their last drive of regulation, but it was a good, hard-fought win. Playing good teams and getting good wins.

6 Oregon St. Quietly having a great season so far. BYU is a pretty good team.

7 LSU. All of a sudden, the resume looks pretty good. Among one-loss teams, LSU has both the best win (USCe) and best loss (at Florida).

8 Oklahoma. That was a good old fashioned ass kicking.

9 South Carolina. Winning in Death Valley ain't easy, but they still have the inside track to win the East. The loss is hardly season killing.

10 Ohio St. Keeps getting wins over terrible Big Ten teams. And Indiana is actually a good team in the conference, relatively speaking.

11 Georgia. Remember when we were impressed by the Mizzou win?

12 Florida St. Rebounded from a bad loss by blowing out one of the worst teams in the ACC.

13 Louisville. Eventually, we're going to have to take the Big East seriously.

14 West Virginia. The Texas win lost a lot of luster as well, adding insult to injury. That was a miserable defensive performance.

15 Mississippi St. The schedule maker is still the team MVP.

16 USC. Another week in which we pretend Matt Barkley is a Heisman contender. Has he had a big game all season long?

17 Arizona St. I'm high on the Pac-12 this season, but their reputation is going to take a hit as the season drags on and every team drifts towards 8-4.

18 Cincinnati. When do the top Big East teams finally play each other?

19 Clemson. No, we haven't forgotten how badly FSU beat you.

20 Rutgers. The bottom of the poll gets weak, as I'm now ranking a team who barely beat Syracuse. I mean, other than USC.

21 Texas A&M. Almost went full Aggie against La Tech. Never go full Aggie.

22 Texas Tech. Lubbock is the worst place on earth. I think that's the key to their home field advantage: no one wants to be there.

23 TCU. Statement win over Baylor. Still the premier private school football program in Texas.

24 UCLA. I'm not kidding, the Pac-12 South looks like a great division.

25 Ohio. Solich Power.