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Delusional Optimism Lost the Faith

Losing sucks, and the only cure is Saturday Night in Death Valley.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I'm sorry everybody. I lost the faith there for a little bit. This is where you come for the Delusional Optimism, and here I am, the high priest of good vibes for LSU, talking about LSU is going to lose. I lost my way there for a bit, and I'm sorry for that.

In my defense, LSU did look pretty awful against Florida. I know, I know. You're never as good as you look at your best and never as bad as you look when you lose. But LSU's offensive line woes looked like the kind of systemic unfixable problem that was going to sink the season. And with yet another linemen going out, it would have taken the most delusional of Delusional Optimists to think the offensive line would suddenly fix itself against South Carolina. But it did. It even got better.

We just forgot what it was like to lose around here. It's easy to over-react especially given our mantra of no moral victories. We didn't look for the silver linings out of the loss to Florida because there are no silver linings to losing. Losing sucks, and there's no reason to pretend otherwise. But because we don't try and pretend losing is okay, we lost our D.O.

Well, not entirely. We weren't writing columns about how LSU has no chance of winning. We didn't pretend that because we lost last week, we're going to lose next week. It's not like we spent all week in our bathrobes, carrying around a nearly empty jug of Jim Beam. We have standards. It was Lagavulin.

And we did manage to pick ourselves off the carpet in time for the weekend. As soon as Danny Kannell questioned my LSU fandom, it was on. There was no way I was gonna back down. And as Paul said, LSU doesn't lose at night in Tiger Stadium. Want to know why?


For all of the online bitching and complaining, LSU fans packed Tiger Stadium and generally went nuts for three hours. Sure, there was the occasional groan for those bad playcallas, missed field goals, or ugly turnovers. But by and large, the fans carried the team and the team responded by carrying the fans.

It was awesome. This was the best home crowd at an LSU game since, well, the last time we played at night. The crowd was awesome, loud, and looked generally insane on national television. And that is what Delusional Optimism is. It's about being a fan, even when you don't entirely believe. It's about being as loud as you can and watching LSU beat a top five team at home.

Sure, the rejuvenated offensive line helped, as did finding Jeremy Hill on the bench, ready to be the next bigtime back. But as much as we talk about X's and O's, it's the wild swings of emotions that makes college football so special, and so unpredictable. Emotions matter. Fun matters.

It's more fun to believe than to not believe. We still believe because being an LSU fan is all about having fun. Don't leave the party before 10 o'clock. Let's keep this thing going. Because that atmosphere was everything great about LSU.

Well, and the winning. The winning was pretty cool, too. More of that, please.