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Draft BlogPoll Ballot Week 9

Starting from scratch. Again.

Stupid Golden Dome
Stupid Golden Dome
Jonathan Daniel

This was definitely a throw out the old poll and start from scratch sort of week. I didn't even look at my old poll because I didn't want there to be any conscious inertia. With so many big results, it was a good time to tear it down and start again.

1 Kansas St. Wins over OU, Tech, and WVU. They lack a truly top tier win, but they have lots of quality wins at this point.

2 Alabama. They finally got a win over a top 25 team and they poured it on to show their inherent awesomeness.

3 Oregon. They blew out Arizona, but the schedule is incredibly back loaded.

4 Notre Dame. Don't buy the "tough schedule" hype. Oklahoma and Stanford are good wins, but their third best win is probably Michigan. It is entirely likely they will not play another top 25 teams all year, depending on USC.

5 Florida
7 South Carolina
8 Georgia

Just throw them all together, as they all have a loss against one of the other three teams. LSU has a win over A&M, but Florida is the only one with two wins over this group of three plus a win over A&M. I'm not going to over-react too much to the Cocktail Party.

9 Ohio St. Unbeaten in the worst ACQ conference in America.

10 Florida St. Clemson is their only quality win, and that NC State loss is just looking more baffling with ever week.

11 Oregon St. One bad game is all it took to take them out of the top ten. Still a threat.

12 Louisville. The last Big East unbeaten, and the Cincy win almost qualifies as a quality win.

13 Texas A&M. The highest ranked two loss team for losing to Florida on the road and at home against LSU. Their best win might be Louisiana Tech, though.

14 Clemson. Just kind of chilling out as the second best ACC team.

15 Oklahoma. Two losses, both to top five teams, but both were at home. Have to win those home games.

16 Texas Tech. Proved they aren't as good as KSU, but still a pretty good team right now.

17 UCLA. The Pac-12 is super deep, and the Bruins are keeping their heads above water.

18 Toledo. One OT loss to Arizona from being unbeaten.

19 Stanford
20 USC

More Pac-12 depth.

21 Mississippi St. Still haven't beaten a team in the SEC that has a conference win. Just sayin'.

22 Louisiana Tech. Good, solid mid major.

23 Rutgers. Can't lose to Kent, people.

24 West Virginia
25 Oklahoma St.

Round things out with the two Big 12 all-offense, no-defense squads.