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LSU-Alabama Hype Week: As Presented by Old-School Pro Wrestlers, Part 2

It's time for things to get a bit...rowdy...

Just when you think you gots the answers...
Just when you think you gots the answers...

Alabama. Whooo-weeee ALLLabama. I hear they think they're pretty tough.

I hear they think they know a little somethin' aboot red. Aboot blood. I got news for you kiddos, that warm stuff runnin' down your leg right now, that ain't blood. In BA-TAWN Rouge, we know three things. Red, we know blood, and we know sticks. And we know that he best way to get the blood outta somethin' is to BEAT IT WITH A STICK UNTIL THE BLOOD STOPS FLOWIN'!!!

How ‘bout this?

/cracks self in the forehead with a beer bottle



Look here Crimson Turds, I FIGHT FOR A LIVING! THIS IS WHAT I DO! And if I ain't scared to bleed my oon blood, whadya think I'm gonna do with yours?

Ya know somethin' Alerbammy, I don't know what I'm gonna do to you people , but I know one thing, all this...

/smears blood on hand, rubs it on camera lens

You better not stop until you get every last drop of it outta me. Because I'm not gonna stop until all that's left a' you is a big red stain. Bottom line.