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Link Gumbo 10/4/12

News and Notes about LSU and the world of college football

The preparations for Florida continue and the great news is that JC Copeland seems fine and ready to go this weekend. He also thinks Luke Muncie is doing better and should play more. (also in the above video, Miles has some great stories about penalties at the 3:50 and 7:10 marks)

Miles also cleared up comments he made Tuesday on The Scott Van Pelt Show where he seemed to imply that Tyrann Mathieu would be returning to the team next year. The clarification is that we are back to where we were originally: Miles wont speculate on a return, but Mathiue's focus is getting his degree and getting his life back on track.

One of the cool things this new platform allows us to do is create Hubs of stories that are related. This week I have created one that collects the stories about this week's game from Alligator Army, Team Speed Kills, and anywhere else on the network. CHECK IT OUT.

I've talked for a few years about how attendance is severly lacking in Tiger Stadium and now we have numbers to back it up. According to a Tiger Bait report of actual attendance, the largest crowd LSU has ever had was actually 89,800 for the 2007 Florida game. The worst (even including the hurricane moved Appy St game in 08) was the 2008 Troy game where just 59,000 showed up. LSU averages almost 14,000 no-shows a game, a number that goes up to 20,000 when talking just about non-conference games.

LSU and ULM have announced a 1 games series at Tiger Stadium in 2014.

The MLB playoffs are about to begin and LSU's only rooting interest this year is Ryan Theriot in San Francisco (Poseur will be glad to know that Baltimore boasts the most amount of former SEC players.

You can't be an LSU fan on the internet without knowing about the amazing work of LSUFreek. Yahoo Sports has an excellent profile of the New Orleans native.

With conference expansion, the Shreveport Independence Bowl is back to haunt the lowliest SEC bowl teams. Just be glad LSU isn't on the list.

A&M travels to Ole Miss this week, but the Rebels are still healing their wounds from a previous skirmish.

Things are bad for the Green Wave, including a nation's worst 20 yds Net rushing through 4 games, but the locals are starting to rally around the team.

SB Nation's Wyoming blog Cowboy Altitude took a trip to my favorite non-SEC venue, Idaho's famed Kibbie Dome. Unfortunately, the review was less than stellar.

Smart Football's Chris Brown had an excellent longread on last week about the evolution of the zone-read blitz. Amazingly, Bill Arnsparger makes a cameo.

Fresh off a week with WKU, SB Nation's Steven Godfrey spent a week with ULM as they prepared to host Baylor.

Oregon football really is played in an alternate universe where fans complain about night games.

We should have added West Virginia.

Last week LSU lost one of it's all-time greats, boxer Wilbert "Pee Wee" Moss. Moss won the NCAA featherweight division title in 1949, helping LSU secure the team boxing championship that year.