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Blog Poll Week 6

And we have a new #1 on my ballot again.

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It was a tough weekend for me to watch football, as my mother came to town to visit the Little Poseur. Nothing gets in the way of a glut of college football like family. I mean, who do these people think they are?

1 West Virginia

They have big wins over two top 25 teams who are otherwise undefeated, one coming on the road. They also have the coolest offense in the country. Welcome to the top spot.

2 Kansas St.

Slide due to WVU's climb and because their Miami win just lost a tab bit of luster.

3 South Carolina

Just straight up demolished Georgia. That was a Statement Win.

4 Oregon

Not so quietly killing teams. That Washington game was over at the end of the first quarter.

5 Florida

Pretty much the same resume as WVU, only they got their tougher game at home. Florida also has a fantastic case to be the #1 team in the country.

6 Alabama

What looked like a great schedule in August has turned pretty dismal. Bama hasn't played a ranked team, nor will they until the end of October (unless Michigan climbs back up the polls). Obviously, still a title contender, but I can't rank them #1 until they play someone who is pretty good.

7 Notre Dame

You can hear the hype machine, can't you? Well, at least they are where they are on merit so far.

8 Oregon St.

I think people are going to be fooled by the Pac-12's parity and think it's not a good conference. It's a very good conference, but it has the problem that just about every team not named Oregon is of similar quality. Undefeated OSU gets a top ten vote.

9 Oklahoma

Their loss looks a lot better while the carnage in the top ten helps them slide back into the top ten. I guess you can see where the line of Not a Contender starts, eh?

10 Ohio St

They have looked pedestrian, but they are also looking like they will roll through the Big Ten schedule.

11 Georgia

That was pretty terrible. Their big wins have lost their luster, but really, the big problem was getting absolutely hammered by USCe.

12 Florida St

And here is the Annual Chokejob by the Noles. Do not let inferior teams hang around or this is what happens.

13 Louisville

Holding the Big East banner high.

14 LSU

I had already given LSU their big tumble, and losing by a score to a top 5 team on the road isn't that bad, regardless of how ugly they looked. Besides, we will have plenty of chances to drop LSU in October, given their schedule.

15 Baylor

It's close, but I think their WVU loss on the road is slightly better than Texas' home loss. Speaking of which..

16 Texas

Hey, they showed they are a top 25 team and they had a real shot at winning that game.

17 Mississippi St

Has played the softest schedule on earth, but unbeaten in the SEC is unbeaten in the SEC.

18 Arizona St

Keeping their head above water in the great Pac-12 migration to 500.

19 USC

The Utah game was scary for a bit, but almost all of those wounds were self-inflicted.

20 Clemson

Gets a bit of a demerit for the FSU loss looking worse today than it did going into the weekend.

21 Stanford

I only caught bits of the Arizona game but wow.

22 Cincinnati

Did you know there are three undefeated Big East teams?

23 Duke

For godsakes, Duke is playing winning football.

24 Texas A&M

Rallied back against Ole Miss from a hole of their own design. The Florida game looks a lot better right now, and A&M looks like a borderline contender in the West right now.

25 Ohio

Guess who is bowl eligible?