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Monday Press Lunch: Week 7 v South Carolina

Notes and Interviews from LSU's weekly press day before South Carolina

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

...starts at the 29 minute mark...Miles wasn't disappointed with the effort the team gave, just the result...Wants to get Spencer Ware more touches...LB Kevin Minter could have set an LSU record for tackles if he didn't have to sit out a few series...Miles wishes the last series they had in the redzone was called differently...the elder gentleman Ted Castillo brings up Bear Bryant's road game rituals, for some reason....Miles doesn't think they are unintentionally tipping plays, though it is something they keep an eye out for...Again, there are no plans to bring in Jerrard Randall or Rob Bolden at QB this year, and there are no changes coming to the coaching staff or it's responsibilities...Miles completely dodges a question about why, after so many years of good recruiting, is the offense so behind the defense in terms of development...LB Kwon Alexander is out for the season, with a chance of returning for the bowl game. LB Luke Muncie is fine...Miles thinks the playcalling will advance as more consistency is reached with the basic stuff...Miles sees Mettenberger improving and wanting to become the QB that everyone thought he was....Miles hopes we are developing a genuine #1 passing option, but so far he hasn't stepped up yet...Even though they are backups and young players, Miles does not believe the current OL players are being asked to do something they aren't capable of ...OL Josh Williford hopes to return this weekend, but if not, Miles would not speculate on a replacement beyond Josh Dworaczyk. - Oct. 7 Football National Rankings Released - Minter Earns SEC Player of the Week Honor - LSU at Texas A&M Put on Six-Day Hold by TV - LSU Issues Advisory on South Endzone Construction



South Carolina [PDF]

WR Jarvis Landry - Monday Interview

LB Kevin Minter - Monday Interview

S Eric Reid - Monday Interview

South Carolina's press day is Tuesday.