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5 Star Recruit Jarell Martin Chooses LSU

The 14th ranked player in the 2013 basketball class will choose between LSU, Louisville, St. John's, Alabama, and UCLA. Will the Baton Rouge native stay home and play for the Tigers?

Will he be wearing purple and gold next year?
Will he be wearing purple and gold next year?

UPDATE: Martin has chosen to come to LSU

Tigers head coach Johnny Jones is looking forward to hopefully welcoming the 4th commitment to the 2013 recruiting class, Jarell Martin. Martin is universally considered to be a top 15 recruit nationally and is a Baton Rouge native. As it stands right now, LSU and coach Jones are hopeful that Martin will see the work being put into the LSU program and give the 2013 class the star power and talent edge it needs to push LSU into the top half of the SEC and into the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2009.

Martin is a very versatile recruit, and while he is listed mostly as a power forward, he could play either forward position well. He has a developed jump shot, slashing ability, and the ability to attack the rim on the inside and draw fouls. Despite the fact that he is very highly ranked and talented, some scouts actually think he will stick around in college for two years if he isn't ready for the NBA right away. He's considered to be a very mature player and also a player that works very hard on his game.

Despite the fact that LSU has likely been influencing, if not all out recruiting, Martin the longest, it's still possible that he decides to play elsewhere. As of right now, ESPN's Dave Telep believes that Jarell will choose the Tigers, which is a good sign. One thing that most agree on is that Jones and assistant coach Robert Kirby are two of the most active coaches on the recruiting circuit. I personally think that Kirby could have been the biggest addition this offseason, and if LSU lands Martin I think Kirby will be a big reason why.

He is scheduled to make his announcement at 1:30 today and ESPNU may feature this announcement as well, though perhaps not live. ESPNU's recruiting special airs at 4:00 CT and if he does choose the Tigers, that's where LSU fans can tune in to find out more about Jarell Martin.