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Blog Poll Ballot Week 11

That's what I get for finally ranking Bama #1

We were briefly relevant! Go Frogs!
We were briefly relevant! Go Frogs!

Bama had a very brief stay atop my ballot. KSU returns to the #1 spot, from where I probably shouldn't have dropped them. My apologies.

Really, I'm just moving the deck chairs around the Titanic. I ran out of teams to rank near the end. I knew I wanted to throw Kent a vote if I could, and instead of trying to horn them in, I spent time trying to find a 25th team I thought was worth ranking. Tech is wildly inconsistent, but that fits the bill for #25.

I'm actually not happy that I ranked Bama #4. I think I may re-evaluate that next week, as they only have one win over a team in my top 25, and they were outplayed in that game. But there's still the Great SEC Logjam.

Here's the ballot: