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Blog Poll Draft Week 12

Who's #1? Me.
Who's #1? Me.
Jonathan Daniel

Here we go...

You know what? Yes, LSU has two losses, but they have also played five top 25 and four teams in the top 12. No one else has played the same number of elite level games, and the reason LSU has two losses is simple: LSU has a much tougher high end of their schedule. I can see objecting to putting a one loss team over an undefeated team due to schedule if the conferences are similar, but two losses over one? All day.

Also, Florida, to me, clearly has the second best resume in the country. Sure, their wins are ugly. I call those wins. But Florida has beaten LSU, A&M, and USCe. Their one loss was against UGa, and Florida gave that game away. No one has the combination of upper level wins and "quality" losses. On paper, they have the best resume, and its not all that close.