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LSU vs. Alabama Hype Week: As Presented by Old-School Pro Wrestles, Part 3

The Dirtiest Player in the Game has somethin' to say.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just 24 hours away from the Red Stick Rumble! My guess at this time, one half of that colossal main event, the Nature Boy, Ric Flaaaaaair...

Ric Flair: Meeeeeeean...WOOOOO! BY GOD, GEEEEENE...

Okerlund: Nature Boy, the big day is tomorrow - you and the Alabama Crimson Tide one on one in front of a capacity crowd in Tiger Stadium.

Flair: This. Is what I live for! Bright lights! Big stage! It ain't my first time, and it won't be my last! Red Stick Rumble. Ba-TAWWWN Roooouge Louisiana. Tiger Stadium. WOOOOOO!

You know, Baton Rouge, that's a Ric Flair kinda town, because when my limo drives down Third Street, all those Cajun Queens LINE UP, and crane their necks! And you know why? Because they wanna see what a real man looks like! They want to style, and profile, with the best, and WOOOOOO! see if they have what it takes for Space Mountain.

But when I look across that field at Alabama, you know what I see?!! Just another muscle-bound punk that thinks he's got what it takes. Well let me tell ya somethin' Crimoson Tide! How do you think I got here, huh? It wasn't jumpin' over a bunch a stumps in Tuscaloosa, I tell ya that much! You might knock me down once, but I get back up! I don't make excuses! I lace up the boots and I keep goin'! Because that's. What. Championship material. Is made of. That's why I'm Ric Flair! That's why I drive a Mercedes-Benz! That's why I live in the big house, on the big side of town! And that's why I'm custom-made! WOOOOO! From head. To Toe.

Like it, don't like it, I don't care, but you take one. Good. Long. Look.

/slow turns, shows off suit for the crowd

Because what you're seein' right here? It's the best thing goin' today! WOOOOO!

Ed. Note: In closing, I would like to add: