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Recruiting Update

Two weekend commitments and the class as it stands.

Chris Graythen

Lost in the hoopla of the weekend, LSU picked up two commitments. The first came late Friday, when long-time LSU target Christian LaCouture, a one time Texas A&M and more recently Nebraska commit, gave his pledge to Les Miles.

Months ago, LaCouture flirted with LSU before ultimately deciding on Nebraska. The recruiting sites list LaCouture as a strong-side defensive end, but at 6'5" 270+, LaCouture projects inside in our defense. Stature wise, I think he compares favorably to Michael Brockers. He's got a taller, thicker build. He looks pretty quick and explosive out of his stance, though he does show a tendency to come off too high (comment for taller players). Does a pretty good job keeping his eyes in the backfield and being alert to the play. In high school, he's most a one gap, penetrating DT who plays shooting his gaps. He plays with great effort and always stays in pursuit, which I'm guessing is one attribute the staff loves about him.

christian lacouture's highlights of junior season (via 88gigem)

LaCouture makes 24 total commitments for the 2013 class. All in all, this class is nearing completion. It should be interesting to see which of these guys wavers, which of them wind up not qualifying and which of them are given the near-annual "sorry about that" treatment. I would be a little surprised if all 24 of the current commitments wound up at LSU.

Even if this class holds, only adding someone like Greg Gilmore or Ricky Seals-Jones, it's an outstanding class. It gives us a stellar, tall WR (Quantavious Leslie) as well as a great receiving TE (DeSean Smith). Couple that with your usual array of O-line, D-line and DB prospects, as well as two strong QB prospects, and it's as good of a class as could be expected.

LSU's class is currently ranked 11th on 247, 3rd on Rivals, 6th on Scout and 10th on ESPN.

Early Guess at Guys that Could Play Next Season:

DeSean Smith
Frank Herron
Quantavious Leslie
Logan Stokes
Jeryl Brazil
Tre'Davious White
John Diarse
Avery Johnson

2015 Corner Commit

On Sunday, 2015, yes 2015, corner prospect Kevin Tolliver II gave his pledge to Miles. Tolliver is 6'1, 180 pounds hailing from Jacksonville, FL. This is the only highlight I can find. Well, that's probably because he's a friggin' sophomore.

On the hoof, Tolliver looks to be another in the big CB prospects for LSU, who could grow into Safety. Anytime you are good enough to get an LSU offer as a Sophomore, you have the goods, especially if you play out of state. I don't know his back story or family history, but it will be interesting to see if Tolliver sticks to his pledge.

Regardless, the general consensus is "stud."


Overall, a huge recruiting weekend for LSU and one that apparently left quite a few favorable impressions upon recruits. How could anyone not want to play in a game like that? Just ask Jeryl Brazil.