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Deep Thoughts...With Dabo Swinney

What was it Nietzsche said about staring into the abyss?

Streeter Lecka

One of the best parts about this year's Chick-fil-A PEACH Bowl matchup is that it brings together two of the best characters in all of college football, Dabo Swinney and our own Les Miles. Coach Swinney has his detractors at times, but he's a pretty thoughtful dude, and he was kind enough to share a few...

"Why are people makin' such a big deal about Franco Harris chasin' that Mark Emmert guy around the country to fight him? How y'all think I got my first job with Mike Dubose?"

"Chad Morris sure thinks he's fast, but I beat him to ‘shotgun' every time we take a car ride together."

"People can say what they want, but there ain't never been a WCW World Champion what could hold a candle to Jeff Jarrett."

"Note to self: talk to the mascot about that bowl he keeps by the coffee station in the breakroom. Don't know what ‘Bogotá Booger Sugar' is, but this mornin's cup of coffee sure made my molars itchy."

"Everybody seems to laugh when Brando makes that ‘a lil Dabo do ya' joke on TV. But my wife didn't seem to find it so funny the other night. Nobody ever finds my jokes funny."

"Peach Bowl, Chick-fil-A, call it whatcha want. All I know is I ain't leavin' Atlanta without takin' the team over to that Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta. I don't care how many times Venables laughs at me. That man will never know what real passion is ‘til he sees the look in Rhett Butler's eyes. "

"Where's my Binky? WHERE'S MY BINKY!!!??? Oh. There it is. Dabo love Binkey. Binkey love Dabo? Of course!"

"Spurrier thinks he's soooo smart. But I bet he'll never clean all that pudding out of his bathtub. That'll show him."

"Jadeveon Clowney is such a punk. Seriously, we'd just finished that game and you couldn't even bother to sign my pajamas? Not like he had anything better to do."

"Imma get you one day, Jimbo Fisher. Nobody down-low/too-slow's me. Nobody. You mess with Da-bo, you get da-horns."

"He may not know it yet, but that KFC manager chained up in the basement WILL tell me the 11th secret herb and spice in that chicken. I got nothin' but time on my hands. His hands, however, are running out of fingernails. "