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Cookin' ATVS Style: Apple-Cinnamon Bourbon

Our recipe series offers a delightful little holiday drink idea.

As a gentleman drunkard, I'm willing to try almost anything that doesn't have gin in it (pine-sol has it uses, drinkin' ain't one of ‘em). I've mentioned a couple of times that Buffalo Trace happens to be one of my favorite reasonably priced bourbons - you can usually find it for somewhere in the $20-$23 dollar ranges, and it's smooth enough over nothing but a little ice.

On their facebook page, they will occasionally post some very interesting recipes, and recently one for an apple-cinnamon infusion caught my eye. It's a perfect holiday cocktail for a chilly night.


Quart-sized mason jar, or some other sealable container (if you use a smaller size, adjust your ingredients as necessary to fill it)
Enough of your favorite bourbon to fill it up
1 gala apple
1 granny smith apple
2-3 whole cinnamon sticks (I went with two and a half, because with cinnamon a little can go a long way)


1. Core and dice the apples.

2. Place in the jar with the cinnamon sticks. Pour bourbon over it until filled, and seal the jar.


3. Place on a shelf and wait. I've heard a range on wait times from five days to three weeks. I kind of split that difference here but the result was a very tasty beverage. Shake the jar once a day or so to make sure the ingredients are moving around, and make sure to pour through some sort of strainer, to make sure no bits of the sticks or apples make it into your glass. The apples and cinnamon give you the notes of a fresh apple pie filling on the back end, with the bourbon bite coming perfectly in on the back end.