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Five Things, Christmas Eve

A couple quick notes straight outta my mother-in-law’s house.

1. More Clemson background -- Scott Rabalais has an excellent feature in today's Advocate on the history of these two Tigers' respective Death Valleys.

2. The Saints get win No. 7 over the Cowboys yesterday. Gotta say, defiling the Jones Mahall will never get old, but you have to wonder what happens if they can Jason Garrett. The fan in me wants to believe Sean Payton will realize that the Saints can be a Super Bowl contender next season, even with a desperately needed defensive rebuild. This is a 500-ish team without its head coach, and that's no small feat. A steady hand at the helm and this team goes back to the top of the NFC South quickly.

3. In other NFL news, Jacob Hester, Trindon Holliday and the Denver Broncos hit 10 wins in a row yesterday, with our man Hester hitting the endzone for his second score of the season.

4. More Clemson prep: a statistical review of the team's offensive and defensive performances this season.

5. In closing, a Merry Christmas to everybody from the entire And the Valley Shook family. Here's to a great evening for everybody and an even better Christmas Day. In closing, I offer one of the finest and most underrated Christmas TV specials, The Muppet Family Christmas.