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National Signing Day Open Thread '12-Like The Bayou Bash But Without The Long Lines For Free Booze

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WARNING: For the next 24 hours, you may see printed words that turn out to be completely false. This is Signing Day. It happens. Hang tight and we'll all get through this together.

"A Chicken in every Pot and 5-star recruits in every Class!"

Ready to watch high school seniors embarrass themselves on national tv while helping that small mom-and-pop sporting goods store in their hometown make the hat sales quota for the month? It's signing day and ATVS is ready to party.

But not literally. We're all working just like most of you. We'll do our very best to keep the tally board up to date and keep an eye out for late breaking switches and shenanigans.

ESPNU and the CBS Sports Net are both doing day long coverage, ESPNU will also be available online through the service, and 104.5fm in Baton Rouge with be broadcasting for most of the day live from the Bayou Bash.

Unlike year's past, we don't have anyone on the riverboat to take in the scene, but if you're going to the Bayou Bash, you can send your photos to us on twitter @valleyshook.

We'll do our best to keep this page updated as official NLIs come in and we'll have the annual jumbo-sized highlight videos post later this evening.

Nationally, there are a few stories to keep in mind. This is the first year the multi-year scholarships can be offered thanks to a change in NCAA rules and most of the B1G will be offering them. Tomorrow will also see the first ever electronic signature of a NLI by a D-2 Women's soccer player as the NCAA takes it's first steps towards ridding the world of the fax machine.

Here is the list

Name Status
Kwon Alexander OLB 6'2" , 212 LOI in
Vadal Alexander OL 6'6", 310 Spring Enrollee
Landon Collins S 6'0", 212 Bama
Torshiro Davis DE/LB 6'3", 225 Texas
Travin Dural WR 6'1", 170 LOI in
Derek Edinburgh OL 6'7", 320 LOI in
Trae Elston S 6'0", 183 Ole Miss
Ronnie Feist DE/LB 6'2", 212 Spring Enrollee
Reid Ferguson LS 6'2", 235 Spring Enrollee
Dillion Gordon TE 6'5", 250 LOI in
Trey Granier LB 6'1", 225 LOI in
Jerald Hawkins OT/DE 6'7", 285 LOI in
Jeremy Hill RB 6'1", 210 Spring Enrollee
Kavahra Holmes WR 6'1/2", 165 LOI in
Danielle Hunter DE 6'5", 235 LOI in
Avery Johnson WR 6'1-1/2", 185 LOI in
Deion Jones LB 6'2", 210 LOI in
Jeremy Liggins QB 6'3", 270 LOI in
Lamar Louis RB/LB 6'0", 208 Spring Enrollee
Jalen Mills CB 6'0", 183 LOI in
Lorenzo Phillips LB 6'2", 210 LOI in
Derrick Raymond CB/S 6'1", 173 LOI in
Jerqwinick Sandolph DB 6'2", 175 LOI in
Dwayne Thomas CB 6'0", 178 LOI in
John Thomas TE 6'6", 250
Corey Thompson S 6'2", 210 LOI in

Board Updates

7:34am CST: Corrected that Jeremy Hill and Lamar Louis are Spring Enrollees

7:43, LSU confirms Jalen Mills

7:59, LSU confirms Jeremy Liggins and Trey Granier

8:18, LSU confirms Deion Jones

8:37, LSU confirms Corey Thompson

8:41, LSU confirms Derrick Raymond

8:49, LSU confirms Dillion Gordon

9:22, LSU confirms Jerald Hawkins and Danielle Hunter

9:31, LSU confirms Dwayne Thomas

10:20, LSU confirms Kwon Alexander and his bowtie

10:25, LSU confirms Lorenzo Phillips

10:30, LSU confirms Travin Dural

10:34, LSU confirms Kavahra Holmes

10:49, LSU confirms Jerqwinick Sandolph

11:18, LSU confirms Derek Edinburgh

12:07, LSU confirms Avery Johnson