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Link Gumbo 2/13/12

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Above are Coach Johnson's comments from a pre-Bama game press conference. The important part comes at the 5:36 mark where he calls Ricardo Gather's comments about not enough effort being given in his recruitment "comical."

We are moving on. We are moving on. No matter how many times we say we are done with it, it seems the game is not done with us. Mountains have been written this weekend about Jefferson's comments about the playcalling in the national championship game and his lack of commentary on his own play in that game. All I'll say is that you should at least listen to the interview before going on any potential tirades. I don't think it's nearly as incendiary as some have made it out to be, but Jefferson does leave the blame for the outcome of the game on the playcalling by the coaches.

As has been noted rather cheekily in some of the commentaries about Jefferson's remarks, the same day he was on the radio, his attorney entered a plea of not guilty for him in the Shady's case. Also on last week's docket, former RB Charles Scott plead not guilty to a sexual battery charge.

If there was anything good to come out of the comments, it's that it gave Spencer Hall a chance to talk about Les Miles again (and our own Billy a chance to lay down some amazing lyrics)

Since we last talked about them in this space, the Lady Tigers snapped Kentucky's 13-game winning streak, and beat M State and Bama to start a streak of their own. If the Ladies keep it up, they'll be looking at an NCAA berth in coach Caldwell's first season.

New Softball coach Beth Torina starts her LSU career 2-2, with a basting of La Tech, a loss to #15 Michigan and a split with Penn St.

It's something that's still hard to imagine after that wreck, but Chad Jones (WOOOOO!) really could be playing next year.

In 2 weeks, on Cross Lake near Shreveport, LSU Fishing will defend it's 2011 Bassmaster Collegiate Championship in a 3 team battle with Arkansas and LSU-Shreveport.

For no reason in particular, here's an amazing color photo of Pete Maravich in a game against Tulane and here's him working his game in front of the student union.

Former LSU RB coach Larry Porter, who left for an unsuccessful stint as the HC at his alma mater Memphis, has taken the RB coach job at Arizona state. The Devils are thrilled about it.

Speaking of Memphis, their new contract with the Big East has some interesting stipulations including some required sponsorship by FedEx, who's CEO is one of the largest Memphis boosters. The Big East also formally settled with West Virginia on an exit this year with fees, which means new Big East member Boise St. has a decision to make about whether or not to leave the Mountain West early.

The members of the NCAA will begin voting this week on weather or not to allow the new multi-year scholarships rules to become NCAA by-law.

Never underestimate the drive of a man holding a grudge and serving 20 years. Disgraced Miami booster Nevin Shapiro is still determined to see the program get the NCAA's death penalty.