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And The Valley Shook SEC Powerpoll Week 7

Quite a bit of mediocrity in the SEC right now. We'll have to see if LSU is able to make a late run since I'm not really convinced there's a clear cut favorite for that 5th place spot right now.

1. Kentucky- I'm starting to think they will be in this spot for the rest of the year even if they do lose a game or two. The Florida and Mississippi State games are the only ones I think will give them trouble.

2. Vanderbilt- Of the next best, I decided to put Vanderbilt here simply because they were able to pick up an OK win over LSU, as well as having the best loss. They gave UK a good game.

3. Mississippi State- Despite being behind UF in the standings, they were able to pick up a win this week while the Gators weren't. The Bulldogs will have to be careful of looking ahead to the Kentucky game.

4. Florida- A couple of poor showings this week for the Gators, and it doesn't get any easier with two road games next. Billy Donovan will have to do a great coaching job to keep this team near the top of the SEC with 4 road games left and another game with Kentucky.

5. Tennessee- The Vols make a big jump to this spot after a 2-0 week with wins over UF and South Carolina. They have now won four of the last six.

6. Ole Miss- I could have put any number of teams here without much thought. The 5-5 teams have all beaten each other so much that I guess it's just a gut feeling they go here, for now. Vanderbilt and Kentucky are this week.

7. Arkansas- The Razorbacks get a slight edge over LSU for having a better conference record, despite being blown out this week by Georgia.

8. LSU- The Tigers picked up a much needed win over rival Alabama and their depleted team. Tomorrow is the real test with Mississippi State coming to town.

9. Alabama- The Tide gets a sort of incomplete and dropped behind most of the middle tier because of their suspensions. They were able to win a game this week. Once the suspensions are sorted out we will see how good or bad their postseason hopes become.

10. Georgia- The Bulldogs picked up two great wins this week, and probably deserve to be higher if it were solely based on that. The problem is that it took so long to get those wins.

11. Auburn- The War Eagles have now dropped three straight and are at the bottom of the "SEC West". Perhaps a week off will allow the team to regroup.

12. South Carolina- After five straight losses it's back to the bottom spot for the Gamecocks. Perhaps a couple of home games can get them out of this spot.

As always Garnet and Black Attack will have the results.