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Link Gumbo 2/16/12

Tiger Talk with Pitching Coach Alan Dunn

Football spring practice days have been adjusted slightly. Camp now starts on March 1st.

Air Force and Alcorn St., in addition to playing LSU this weekend, are playing each other in a sort of semi-tournament. Their games have been moved up to 11am starts on Friday and Saturday due to weather, which isn't looking good for the weekend.

Former Softball coach Yvette Girouard will be honored as an SEC Legend at the Women's Basketball Tournament next month. Softball is at a mini-tournament in Vegas this weekend that features #3 Cal.

There was some confusion yesterday, but the big man confirmed it himself. Chad Jones is officially playing football again.

TGBFTL is marching Rex this year, plan accordingly.

Someone has stolen Asst AD Kevin Wagner's collection of 24 LSU championship rings he earned in 20+ years of working for LSU.

THIS is the scariest photo of the year.

SBN Atlanta is worried about losing some of the SEC's traditional rivalries to the march of progress.

There was a back and forth argument on SB Nation about weather "Sabanball" is an empire in decline or not going anywhere. I look at Les Miles' 3-3 record v. Saban and realize I'm not worried either way.

A&M students are urging their administration to ask the SEC for a waiver to allow them and their band to keep their seats behind the opposing bench. Some think this is a bad idea, but I've got no problem with it. TAMU may be insane but in 100 years of football they've never had a problem with it before, and I dare say their students still hate Texas more than any SEC team they will host.

The PAC 12 media Death Star went online this week, and it makes this Jefferson Pilot boy weep at their new advantages.

Believe it or not, the Jeremy Lin madness going on in the NBA has an LSU connection: Trent Johnson whiffed on recruiting him while at Stanford.