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And The Valley Shook SEC Powerpoll Week 8

With the large amount of mediocrity, anyone can grab the 4th spot and bye in the SEC tournament. Here's how I think it would go now.

1. Kentucky- The 1 seed in the SEC tournament is virtually locked up. The same could be said for an NCAA 1 seed also.

2. Florida- Two road wins for the Gators including a 30 point massacre of Arkansas.

3. Vanderbilt- The Commodores put up over 100 against Ole Miss, and I moved them down. Kind of weird, but I just thought Florida's wins were worthy enough to move them up.

4. Alabama- An up and down February might start to trend upward as more of their suspended players come back.

5. Mississippi State- 3 losses in a row now for the Bulldogs. A loss against Kentucky could put them a little closer to the dreaded bubble.

6. LSU- 3 wins in a row for the Tigers after a big OT win against State and a solid road win against South Carolina.

7. Tennessee- The Vols might not get a postseason invite, but they are playing like they deserve one in the mid to late part of the SEC schedule.

8. Ole Miss- You could put either Arkansas or Ole Miss in this spot. I thought Ole Miss, despite playing terrible against Vanderbilt, had a decent showing at Kentucky for about a half.

9. Arkansas- Two non competitive losses in a row. They could still end up with an NIT bid if they are able to score some wins over the SEC West.

10. Auburn- I feel like I should move the Tigers up after a win over Mississippi State, but it was only their second this month.

11. South Carolina- A win over UGA gives them the 11th spot. It ended a 5 loss streak.

12. Georgia- The Bulldogs are starting to become a pesky team late in the year. Even so, they could finish with 4 losses in the next 4 games.