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GAMETHREAD: v. McNeese St., 3pm

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The hectic festivities of Mardi Gras week prevented me from doing a full recap of the weekend, but suffice to say there's not much more to take from the blowouts that Poseur hasn't already said. I would like to bring attention to how we are doing statistically against the rest of the conference. (The usual caveats about the quality of our opponents and small sample sizes apply, but then it's not like LSU was the only one playing cupcakes this weekend.) LSU is leading the conference so far in pitching, with the only staff ERA under 1.00 and Kurt McCune is leading the conference with his aught-through-6IP. LSU is only ranking about middle of the conference in batting though, and is the worst among SEC teams that had gimme weekends. Our lone homer by Beau Didier is also on the low end of conference figures.

Aside from Bama dropping it's first non-SEC home sweep since EIGHTEEN NINETY NINE, the big SEC shocker of the weekend is the pummeling #11 Vandy took out on the west coast. Not that #2 Stanford was going to be easy, but the Dore's clearly have a job ahead of them rebuilding if they want to continue post-season success. A team BA below the Mendoza line, a staff ERA near 9.5 and a shocking 11 errors that nearly dropped their fielding percentage below .900. Vandy hosts a decent Oregon squad at the end of a long road trip, then coasts until conference play starts at UF, plenty of time for the Commodores to right the ship.

If pitching is what LSU is going to lean on, then we'll get a good look at some up and coming talent tonight as both SO Joe Broussard and FR Cody Glenn are expected to carry the load for the afternoon. Broussard had a brief 2 inning shutout with 3 Ks against Alcorn St. and Glenn will be making his first collegiate appearance in his relief.

McNeese St. (1-1) had the same rain problems most of the south did last weekend and split what was going to be a 3 game series at Houston Baptist, a D-1 team that will soon be joining the Southland Conference. The Cowboys are off to a decent start offensively with a handful of guys batting over .500. A surprise on defense is that while they are decent as a team, Santana, their starting 3B has 6 errors in just 2 games. Their starter tonight, Sampere, is also coming off a short but excellent relief outing this weekend.

Nothing fancy here, just get out there, try out the new arms, and finish in time to catch the game at the PMAC tonight.

Midweek Interests

Tuesday's Results

Auburn 22 - Alcorn St. 0

Ole Miss 8 - Ark St. 1

UF 8 - Beth-Cook 6

ARK 8 - NW St. 7

Tenn 8 - WKU 7

Today's Games

Alcorn @ AUB


NW St. @ ARK

Oakland @ Vandy


Your Sad Greenie Story of The Week

I'm not sure which is sadder: That Tulane had to play a road game on Mardi Gras day, or that they lost it, 9-3, at ULM.

Weather: Brief showers in the area this morning, but nothing heavy, overcast and breezy off the river.

Radio Only (98.1), video in the Geaux Zone

LSU - So. RHP Joe Broussard (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 2.0 IP, 0 BB, 3 SO)
MSU -- Sr. RHP Ryan Sampere (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1.0 IP, 0 BB, 0 SO)