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Link Gumbo 2/22/12

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The Golden Band from Tigerland marching Rex yesterday.

Southeastern Conference Standings

(updated 2.22.2012 at 2:10 AM CST)

Conf Overall
Kentucky Wildcats 13 0 27 1
Florida Gators 10 3 22 6
Vanderbilt Commodores 8 4 19 8
Alabama Crimson Tide 6 6 17 9
LSU Tigers 6 6 16 10
Tennessee Volunteers 6 6 14 13
Mississippi St. Bulldogs 6 7 19 9
Arkansas Razorbacks 5 7 17 10
Mississippi Rebels 5 7 15 11
Auburn Tigers 4 9 14 13
Georgia Bulldogs 3 9 12 14
South Carolina Gamecocks 2 10 10 16

Your eyes do not deceive you. Thanks to Miss State failing to pull the upset last night and the general mediocrity of the conference as a whole, LSU is now in a 3-way tie for the conference tournament 4-seed, which has a first round bye. If things fall the right way, LSU could have the 4-seed outright by the end of the weekend. Of course LSU has to take care of it's own business first.

It's only week 1 and LSU baseball is already running away with the attendance crown.

A few of the FB assistants have been making the rounds on local radio. QB Coach Kragthorpe was on Tiger Rag to talk about Mettenberger and the future of the offense. ST Thomas McGaughey, OL/OC Greg Studrawa, and TE Steve Ensminger were all on Sports Today to talk about their personnel and their plans for next season.

The Times-Pic had a good interview with Ryan Perrilloux last week on what his year with the Giants has been like and what his future plans are.

There has been much to say over the last few days about the future of SEC football scheduling and it's effects on everything from rivalries to TV traditions. Most of it revolves around the problem of trying to fit a 14 team league into 8 games with a handful of protected rivalries. Football Outsiders has a plan that saves the important perma-rivalries and takes 18 years to cycle through. Dawg Sport instead has an ingenious solution: give every team 3 perma-rivals and abandon the divisions entirely.

Meanwhile, TAMU will participate in that oldest and least noble of SEC initiation rituals, a game in Shreveport. Mizzou is also preparing for some huge changes.

Brad Wing showed how amazing Australian punters can be, now everybody wants one.

Are you going to read a Spring Preview of Sun Belt football? Of course you are.

SB Nation's Cal blog took the time to rank EVERY QB IN D-1A.

It's time once again for the SEC Group Photo. The SEC site also has a pretty great piece on Maravich this week.

Craig James is an ass. But then, you already knew that.

The NFL Combine starts today. More than anyone, I've seen Michael Brockers make the biggest jumps on draft boards over the last few weeks.

Another week, another terrible transfer story, this time involving the QB Gary Crowton damaged last season, Maryland's Danny O'Brien

Buried here at the end, LSU had a quidditch...thing on the Parade Grounds this weekend.