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GAMETHREAD: v. Grambling, 6:30pm

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We got problems to work out and a long week in which to work on them. I'd say a pair of in-state's and an Ivy would be a pushover, but then so was last weekend.

Grambling (5-2) is off to an excellent start, especially considering the high amount of roster turnover they are dealing with. Nearly half of the roster is newcomers, mostly JUCO transfers, and only 4 starting infielders have returned. They aren't showing any growing pains though, taking 2 of 3 at the MLB invitational at Houston against other SWAC teams and sweeping FAMU last weekend in very dominating fashion. I'm not quite sure who's starting where because box scores are inaccessible on their web site at the moment, but they have a few of guys batting well. Of particular note are Todman (BA .471 SLG .588) and Simmons (BA .455 OBP .538). Team overall BA is .252, pulled down by 4 or 5 starters batting .200 or worse. They're playing great D, with only 1 error on the season and also are a mild stealing threat going 5-6 so far. With no homers and only a handful of triples and doubles, Grambling seems content to get guys on base and work them home the old fashioned way.

NOTE: After doing some checking, it would appear the LSU preview of the game has updated Grambling stats from this past weekend's shelling of FAMU, while Grambling's publicly available stats only cover to Feb 22.

We wont have a full lineup until closer to game time, but Mainieri has already announced some moves. Arby Fields and Jared Foster are both starting and batting leadoff, though which one is DH and which one is LF, Mainieri wouldn't say (my guess is Fields in left) I'd also guess we'll see some shuffling at RF and 1B as well. Cody Glenn is getting the start today hoping to improve after a less than stellar premier against McNeese last week.

Radio and GZ video only. Chance of rain and thunder this afternoon, less wind than there has been.

LSU - Fr. LHP Cody Glenn (1-0, 6.00 ERA, 3.0 IP, 2 BB, 4 SO)
GSU -- So. LHP Joel Deleon (0-1, 10.12 ERA, 5.1 IP, 4 BB, 2 SO)