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ATVS SEC Powerpoll Week 9/SEC Awards

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With Judgement week upon us, it's time for one of the last SEC Powerpolls of the season and ATVS's choices for SEC awards. I'm actually a little bit late on the powerpoll since I was travelling Monday, so it takes into account the games up until then.

1. Kentucky- Far and away the best team in the SEC, with far and away the best player, Anthony Davis.

2. Vanderbilt- The Dores were unable to score an upset over Kentucky, which should be troubling since they will likely find themselves playing a 1 or 2 seed early in the 2012 NCAA tournament because of it.

3. Florida- The Gators had another disappointing loss, this time to Georgia. It wouldn't feel good as a Gators fan to possibly be heading into the SEC tournament on a 3 game losing streak.

4. Alabama- The Tide have certainly found their way again after welcoming back their team from suspensions.

5. Tennessee- The Vols have given themselves a legitimate chance at going to the postseason with a scorching hot February. They will probably need 2 more wins for the NIT, but I think they can make it.

6. Ole Miss- A total domination by the Rebels against LSU moves them up in the Powerpoll, but it's not enough to get them to the top half of the standings.

7. LSU- The Tigers push to get back to the NCAA tournament has virtually ended with an embarrassing defeat at Ole Miss, but they should expect to play more games after the SEC tournament is over with.

8. Arkansas- The Hogs are hoping to end a dismal February with a win against the up and down Rebels. At least they finally won a road game.

9. Georgia- Georgia was able to score an upset over UF to basically avoid being in last place. Coach Fox might start feeling some pressure if he can't find a way to bounce back next year.

10. Mississippi State- It's weird, but the 5 game losing streak that the Bulldogs are on might signify that the best team in the state plays in Conference USA.

11. Auburn- It's unlikely that Auburn will be able to finish better than 10th, but they wouldn't mind beating an SEC West rival to end the season.

12. South Carolina- It's all but assured now that SC will be in last place this year. Darrin Horn will have a hot seat this offseason.

You can check Garnet and Black Attack for the results of this poll. Now for the SEC awards, which were compiled by The Georgia Sports Report.

ATVS SEC Player of the Year: Anthony Davis, Kentucky
ATVS SEC Coach of the Year: John Calipari, Kentucky
ATVS SEC Breakout Player of the Year: Patric Young, Florida
Surprise of the year: Both LSU and Tennessee
Projected NCAA Teams: Kentucky, Florida, Vanderbilt, Alabama
Bold prediction for the future: Not only will Kentucky not win the SEC Tournament, they won't make it to the finals.