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Link Gumbo 2/3/12

The Men's team returns from the break tomorrow to face Arkansas. Actioncuse will have some more details later, but what you need to know now is that tickets are $5, it's Maravich bobblehead day, and most importantly, QUICK CHANGE IS THE HALFTIME ACT.

After being ejected from last weekend's game against Kentucky for a flagrant foul on Anthony Davis, Malcom White sent letters of apology to Davis and the Wildcats for his actions, saying the foul was caused by his own frustration and not any malice towards Davis. While praising White and coach Johnson for their actions, Kentucky fans are still wondering why the league didn't give him a suspension.

The Lady Tigers are now on a 5 game losing streak after dropping another game to Florida last night. They're at home again Sunday for #5 undefeated in SEC play Kentucky and tickets are only $1

Joe Dean Sr, former All-SEC basketball player and Athletic Director at LSU among other things, will be inducted into this year's National College Basketball Hall of Fame class.

Jordan Jefferson and Ken Adams are playing in the Players All-Star Classic in Little Rock this weekend. The game is Saturday at 3pm and will be on Cox Sports and Comcast Sports in some areas.

LSU Lacrosse will hopefully be the first team on campus to regain some of our honor, as they face Bama on the road at 7pm tonight, part of a full weekend of games for them.

The pitching staff is really taking a liking to new pitching coach Alan Dunn. They'll continue to have open practices throughout the weekend, weather permitting.

Despite being signed and cut for the 13th time last week, The Giants resigned Ryan Perrilloux to their practice squad again this week and as of this morning did not cut him. So he's eligible for a ring, along with NY teammates Chad Jones, Michael Clayton, and Corey Webster. Stevan Ridley and Kevin Faulk make up the LSU representation on the Patriots roster. If you're looking for hard-hitting analysis of what to expect in the game, SB Nation has the exact oposite of that.

Deuce McAllister may be joining the Ole Miss coaching staff.

Gary Crowton is bringing his brand of football to Canada.

There is an even better highlight reel of "Big Chested" QB Jeremey Liggins than you've seen, with an amazing soundtrack.

Sports Illustrated has an amazing behind the scenes look at the best recruiting class in Vandy history.

Thoughts and prayers this weekend with our friends in Ruston and New Orleans on the sudden death of La Tech RB Tyrone Duplessis.