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And The Valley Shook SEC Powerpoll Week 6

The final week before the Superbowl is done. Things will get real interesting from Monday onward. As always check out Garnet and Black Attack for the results later in the week. For now here's what I think about the SEC.

1. Kentucky- No surprises here. They will have some tough competition this week with Florida followed by a visit to Nashville for a prime time game with Vanderbilt.

2. Florida- The Gators have rebounded very nicely from some early losses. Although I thought they might be a disappointment team, they seem to be as good as their ranking right now.

3. Mississippi State- The Bulldogs held off Auburn at home, and it's enough for me to put them here. I think, right now, UF and UK are on another level, but the Bulldogs will have their chance against UK later in the month.

4. Vanderbilt- Two straight losses put Vanderbilt in a tough spot. They have LSU and Kentucky this week, and although they should beat LSU, a loss there could be damaging with the 'Cats playing at a high level.

5. Alabama- The Tide were finally able to finish off Ole Miss in double overtime. It keeps them in the race for that final bye for the SEC tournament.

6. Mississippi- The Rebels have played well ever since the debacle against LSU. They will probably be around the bubble for the rest of the season. They have one win over State already. Could they make it two this week?

7. Arkansas- I wanted to drop Arkansas after losing to LSU, but their SEC play has been superior so far, barely. They could be in trouble if they don't find a way to win on the road. A game against Georgia could be their first win away from Fayetteville.

8. LSU- The Tigers do get a bump after a few weeks of sliding after a gutty home win over the Hogs. The offense looked the best it has all season. Vanderbilt will be tough, but I have a feeling Alabama will be walking into a hornet's nest on Saturday.

9. Tennessee- The Vols didn't hurt themselves by losing to Georgia, but it's not too much to really move them ahead in the standings.

10. Auburn- The other Tigers fought hard against Mississippi State, but didn't have enough defense to pull out a win. Having only 3 turnovers in a complete game is quite impressive though, especially on the road.

11. South Carolina- Neither the Gamecocks or UGA Bulldogs did anything to move, so I don't think I should put them back in last place.

12. Georgia- The schedule doesn't get any easier as the Bulldogs welcome Arkansas this week before two more road games. Beating Arkansas would be a minor upset, and it's certainly possible.