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Link Gumbo 2/8/12

Coaches Miles and Cooper traveled with Mo Claiborne to Oklahoma last night to accept the Thorpe award. The award was presented by last year's winner, Patrick Peterson. LSU joins Texas as the only schools with back-to-back Thorpe winners and no school has won 3 in a row...yet. The Oklahoman took a few minutes to catch up with Coach Miles, who hadn't been back to the state in some time.

Four former Tigers won some new hardware at the Super Bowl last weekend: Corey Webster, Michael Clayton, Chad Jones, and Ryan Perrilloux. Perrilloux had been cut once again late last week, but was part of the team in the championship celebration this week. Chad Jones is the only player in the history of sport to have a BCS, CWS, and Super Bowl championship to his name.

When LSU missed out on Ricardo Gathers, the best talent in LA's 2012 basketball class, we were disappointed, but it was kind of expected. Given what's happened to LSU the last few seasons, it's a hard sell to even the home state's best players. However, Gathers' comments to The Advocate are extremely frustrating to hear. Gathers specifically re-opened his recruitment to give LSU a second chance, but afterward he felt LSU wasted his time

"I just felt like coach (Trent) Johnson didn't put forth a great enough effort to get me," Gathers said. "He kind of sent most of the assistant coaches on me like Brent Scott. I had to realize I wasn't going to be playing for Brent Scott; I was going to be playing for coach Johnson. The simple fact I had only seen coach Johnson at one of my games, and that was the Scotlandville game this year. That doesn't even really count because that was in Baton Rouge. Other than that, I haven't seen him."

I'm stunned. The idea that Gathers, the state's best talent, specifically decommited from a Big East program to give LSU a chance and Coach Johnson did not give enough effort with a second chance is inexcusable.

Our Vandy Bros at Anchor of Gold preview tonight's matchup by saying we don't suck this year. High praise indeed.

Ponamsky at BBI sat down with Coach Miles to review the incoming class.

Baseball scrimmages continue and the pitching staff is looking very good this year. 9 days until first pitch.

Softball is starting up very soon as well (LSU opens against Penn St. this Friday night) and the SEC Network has a nice preview of our new coach Beth Torina.

Lou Tepper has resurfaced as the new DC at Buffalo...University

Ole Miss, having replaced their FB coach is also in the process of replacing their soon-to-be-retired AD. The leading candidate appears to be Sean Tuohy. Yes, that guy from The Blind Side who was played by Tim McGraw.

The Big East is set to invite Memphis to join it's ranks this afternoon. Some of those who care about Big East football are...less than pleased.

All of a sudden the B1G wants a playoff too. If it'll keep Delaney distracted from trying to mess with baseball, I'm all for it.