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Link Gumbo 3/12/2012

Credit as always to BBI, who continues to put out the best free videos of Spring practice.

Baseball's 4-game weekend continues tonight with GM2 against Notre Dame. Expect a full review of the series here Tuesday morning.

Spring football continued through the weekend with the first of some light 7 on 7 type scrimmages. On note that I missed last week was Kenny Hilliard revealing that Michael Ford had some sort of knee surgery in the offseason. Ford has been in a non-contact jersey through all of last week's practice. Mo Isom is set to meet with coach Miles sometime today to review her performance in tryouts last week, though there has been no indication the a decision will be made at this time. Isom did an interview with Fox News over the weekend that's posted after the break.

One of the Administrative Interns for LSU football, Lunda Wells was hired by the New York Giants last week to be their Offensive Quality Control Coach. The rest of the coaches continue to do the rounds on local radio, here's John Chavis from last week.

Apparently, we still owe Tulane a game in New Orleans. At least it'll be in the Dome.

Men's Basketball is on it's way to Eugene for the opening round of the NIT against the Ducks. Fans in the area should head to the Oregon web site for ticket info (most expensive seat is only $31). The women's team will find out tonight what there seeding will be and if they will host the 1st and 2nd round of the NCAAs at the PMAC (ticket info here)

Shortly before Auburn's short stint in the SEC tournament last week, it was announced that one of their players, who had been suspended since February, was under federal investigation for point shaving.

Don't panic. Despite statements to the contrary, the Dairy Store on campus isn't going anywhere.

A Hearty YAAARRRR! to the folks on the shores of the Pontchartrain, as UNO has announced a full reversal of plans for it's athletic department as they have decided remain a D1 school. More than that, they are keeping with plans from their D2 transition to add a varsity football program, though the timetable was pushed back significantly from a 2015 estimate. I personally can't wait to see them beat Tulane in a game in 10 years.

It's been quite an active few days on the Football Playoff front. First, Comish Slive came out to oppose the P12 and B1G plans to limit a potential playoff to conference champions alone. Then Sports Illustrated release a hand full of interviews with ADs at all levels of D1 football that ranged from a majority call for playoff reform to calling the cost-of-attendance issue class warfare that could lead to another division within D1. The biggest shock came on Sunday, however, as the members of the Pac 12 declared that they are now actively trying to end the BCS and replace it with a playoff system.

Mizzou celebrated their final BXII championship with the requisite chant and the greatest photo of the weekend.

Mo Isom on Fox News