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GAMETHREAD: Northwestern St., 6:30pm, CST


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Time to get some revenge on the Demons from Natchitoches. Northwestern (5-10) isn't off to the greatest start and had a preseason filled with being the other team in some history-making games. They gave Southern's Roger Cador his 800th win, Missouri St's Keith Guttin his 1,000th win, and gave Texas A&M their biggest comeback win in program history. The Demons are doing better in March though, going 3-1 last week win a Southland Conference series win over McNeese. Much of the success is due to reigning LSWA hitter of the week 3B Ryan Westbrook, who hit .529 last week, including 2HR and 8RBI. Overall, the demons are hitting 253BA/340OBP/333SLG as a team, with only 5 HR on the year. Tonight they'll start All-Name 1st Team AJ Funk who's got no decisions in 1 start and 6IP in 6 appearances. With the exception of a few 1IP/App guys, their bullpen doesn't have anyone with an ERA under 5.

Nola's getting the start tonight in a highly limited role (40 pitches max). Mainieri had said going into last weekend that the starters might be adjusted based on how Nola did in the Monday game, but even with the bug/rain out McCune's performance was enough to send him to the bullpen. This kinda thing happens in baseball, and it's going to be a good test to see what Alan Dunn can do with this situation. I'm not so sure Nola is the only change we'll see this week, either. Foster, despite his lead-off solo shot on Saturday, had just 2 hits all of last week. Jones has been fine at 2B, but Sciambra isn't exactly lighting things up in CF. Mainieri also said Alex Edward would get some AB last weekend, but we didn't see him. I'm just not sure that the outfield is set for conference play yet. We see what Mainieri does tonight.

No TV tonight. Spring rain popping up in this part of the state this afternoon, but we should be able to dodge it.

LSU - Fr. RHP Aaron Nola (2-0, 2.00 ERA, 18.0 IP, 1 BB, 20 SO)
NSU - Jr. RHP AJ Funk (0-0, 6.00 ERA, 6.0 IP, 6 BB, 6 SO)