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Link Gumbo 3/2/12 - In Which Jordan Jefferson IS NOT The Worst Rated Player At The Combine

Most of the internet has had a good chuckle the last few days over a piece by the man from Gannett in which he said Jordan Jefferson had a horrible combine and was the worst rated player there, worse than even Purdue's kicker. The article contains a post-combine quote from Jefferson's twitter feed calling out Mike Detillier, noted Saints scout and frequent BR area radio guest, for his pre-combine evaluation, and portions of a Detillier interview dated from Feb 17th. The worst part of the article is the beginning that quotes the NFL's analysis of Jefferson, which you can still read here, which scores him at a 44 out of 100.

The problem here is that the man from Gannett was lazy. The score and quotes from the NFL are all pre-combine and the article tries to pass them off as being from after the combine. In reality, Jefferson rated in the top 5 in every single workout QBs participated in at the Combine and was the leader at his position in the Bench Press and the 20 yard shuttle.

I'd like to point you now to an updated article, which mentions this mistake and corrects it, but as you might expect, I can't. The article has vanished into the ether of the Gannett publishing system, though thankfully this is the internet where nothing disappears, so you can still read the article anyway.

Look, no one here is saying Jordan Jefferson is a 1st round pick who has no problems and is the perfect QB, but he's still a great athlete who had a great combine and I wouldn't be surprised if he does get drafted somewhere.

(h/t CFBSection for the quick screen grab)

This has been lesson #394 in Why You Should Not Trust Anything Glenn Guilbeau Writes. How many times do we have to say it before it sinks in, Internet?

If there was a player who had a bad combine, it was DT Michael Brockers, who is being panned in many places for a "shockingly unathletic" appearance.

In other former LSU QB news, Ryan Perrilloux now has his degree from Jacksonville State. The article mentions some of his career at JSU. To think what might have been.

Former LSU FB on both the 03 and 07 BCS teams, Shawn Jordan will begin his UFC career in the undercard match of this afternoon's fight in Australia.

When it comes to the permanent cross division rivalries in the SEC, we've been pretty steady in supporting keeping the LSU-UF game around. Personally I've never bought into the argument that it's a competitive disadvantage for LSU, rather that a tough schedule is worth more when it come to your BCS chances (you think we make the title game in 07 if, instead of Florida on CBS primetime, we played Vandy in a Jefferson Pilot game?) Florida fans like it to. So I was disappointed to read the Rabalias interview with AD Alleva in which Alleva says both UF and LSU are considering ending it.

But then Florida might not be the one pushing for it after all, as sources have told CBS that UF has no intention of ending the series. Which means that Alleva has some 'splainin to do. Also in the interview, it was hinted that LSU-A&M could become a new Thanksgiving weekend (maybe even Thanksgiving night) tradition. The Aggies like it, but I very much do not. It's not that I have any particular attachment to the Ark game and it's ridiculous trophy, but it's bad enough we have a short week every year because of CBS always putting the game on Friday. Making it a Thursday game just makes the problem worse. (Besides, playing A&M any time outside of September just feels wrong).

The LSU Publications Dept. really does great work trying to preserve LSU's sports history for the future. Here's an example of their latest work, cleaning up photos of 1951 All-American George Tarasovic.

There is a movie in production on the life of legendary Colorado QB Sal Aunese. Les Miles, the coach who recruited him to Colorado, looks to have a significant part in it, along with Aunese's son, former LSU backup QB and current GA T.C. McCartney.

It's a story that's cropped up repeatedly the last few years, but it looks like the South Endzone expansion plans are really real, for real this time, with a planed finish date in 2014 or 2015. Personally, I don't see the point. Outside of maybe 1 or 2 games a year, Tiger Stadium isn't filled now, the upper decks especially. What are we going to do with another 7,000 seats?

In case you missed it, there were a handful of new rules approved by the NCAA for next football season last week, including moving up kickoffs and touchbacks and forcing players who lose their helmets to sit out a play.

Football Study Hall has a great piece this week on the legendary Sewanee team that in 1899 beat 5 future D-1 programs in a six day road trip.

After the latest scandal, UCLA fans are damn near ready to march on their AD's office.

You really should be watching NASCAR.