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Link Gumbo 2/22/12

Les Miles says the team is improving in practice, which is about the most generic thing he could possibly say. A big note from the above press conference is that Spencer Ware has dropped about 10 pounds and is looking like he did before his suspension last season. I've posted more Big Cat and practice footage from BBI after the break

Pro Day starts this morning at 10am, LSU will post the results as they are available here. Of special note is that along with the seniors and a few early jumpers, former Tigers Jai Eugene, Ali Highsmith, and Derek Helton will also be working out for the NFL scouts.

Les Miles announced that next Thursday's practice (March 29th) will be open to all students with a valid ID. If anyone wants to take a few photos and write about the experience, I encourage you to use our FanPost feature to tell us how it went.

LSU Football can now lay claim to the smartest person in Canada. Former Tiger OL and now mullet-less Peter Dyakowski, member of the 03 championship team and currently entering his 6th year as a starter for the CFL's Hamilton Tigercats recently completed tests in a government run program that named him Canada's Smartest Person (ok, it was a game show on a state-owned TV station, but the point remains) You can watch the show here, but I think it's blocked for non-Canadians.

The AD office is in damage control mode over the parking changes, but the point remains. Increasing costs will send the average fan somewhere else.

Tiger Rag has an amazing piece this week on the on-going difficulties in the relationship between LSU legend Collis Temple Jr and Coach Trent Johnson.

Man has accomplished an impossible feat of engineering: Shaq riding a power wheel.

Ole Miss will announce today that they are hiring WKU's Ross Bjork as their new AD. The swedish chef jokes write themselves, but I'd rather focus on the fact that this is the man who unbelievably kept Lance Guidry employed. The tradition of people heppin' at Ole Miss will of course continue for the Rebels, their latest lost soul being the final American victim of Gary Crowton's reign of terror: former Maryland QB Danny O'Brien.

What was supposed to be the return of one of the South's greatest rivalry games, the UGA-Clemson series is now in jeopardy due to the ACC's move to a nine game conference schedule.

A few folks from our Miss St counterpart game down for the series last weekend and were very impressed with The Box.

SEC baseball is running into the same problem football is, namely how do you keep the same amount of conference games and add 2 new teams to the rotation. The 2013 baseball schedule will be released sometime today, but likely wont be an example of how the conference will do it in the future.

How quick is coaching turnover in college football today? For this year's 4th-year seniors there is a greater than 60% chance that their entire coaching staff has changed.

While answering questions on a variety of topics affecting the conference, SEC commish Slive made it clear that a new TV deal is coming. (With a dedicated SEC Network, I hope)

The Columbia Tribune has a fascinating piece on the final days of Mizzou in the Big XII and how it nearly all came apart.

It is officially the Preseason, as SB Nation has begun it's long death march of previewing every D-1A team, starting with South Alabama, Texas State, and UT-San Antonio.

The floor of the Final Four will be on display at the PMAC today. There is a cool time lapse video of it's construction after the break.