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GAMETHREAD: v. Louisiana, 6:30pm


One of the things that makes college baseball unique is that Mother Nature still has a strong influence. Tonight, thanks to the washout of game 2 v Notre Dame last month, will see LSU take on tiny Louisiana College from Pineville. The Wildcats (10-14, 4-5 in the American Southwest Conference) play in D3, where scholarships are non-existent and the talent level is, well....they're really excited to be here. Against some familiar names, Louisiana has dropped a series vs the Gents of Centenary and a mid-week loss to LSU-Shreveport. The lone highlight at the plate is Jordan Marks (322/575/398 5HR 22RBI) The Wildcats do have tradition to be proud of, however. In the last 10 years, they've lead D3 in average attendance 4 times, and have sent 12 players to pro ball (though none I recognize). The Wildcats also have 2 wins in the 21 times we have played since 1914, the last time coming in 1994.

Mainieri is treating this matchup with the greatest concern throwing out the bench guys to keep everyone rested and is starting Cody Glenn in a short role, followed by what will amount to glorified bullpen sessions for the rest of the staff. The Tigers are jumping on the bus to Gainsville in the morning, so getting this over with quickly is the main concern.

There is a chance of rain tonight, as there will be until next October. We are very near the end of Louisiana spring and the normal weather patterns are starting to set in. No TV, just Geaux Zone for video.