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Better Know A Regional: Belmont Bruins; Your A-SUN Champs


Try as I might, old Belmont logos are hard to come by, mostly because they used to be the Belmont Rebels until a change in the '80s. Their current bruin is kinda gnarly lookin' though.

The #3 seed of the Baton Rouge bracket are the Belmont Bruins, winners of the Atlantic Sun conference tournament and the only NCAA team from that league. The ASUN's regular contribution to baseball comes from the Stetson Hatters, but Belmont took control of the league early with a series win over the Hatters and would go on to win the league's regular season crown by a half game. Other notable Belmont wins include splitting a cross town series with Vandy and taking 1 of 3 at Auburn. (As is customary ATVS tradition, I must inform you that Belmont did drop a weekend series to conference mate North Florida, who are coached by Smoke Laval) Otherwise, Belmont has a few random Sun Belt wins, but the resume isn't impressive. Belmont had a good year going 39-22, 17-10 in conference, but the fact is they are only in the tournament thanks to the auto-bid.

The Bruins will be going with their workhorse on Friday afternoon in Chase Brookshire (ERA 2.45, 8-3 103IP, BB/K 24/78, 1 CG, 7HR, .222 BA against) and have a few bullpen standouts (Austin Coley ERA 2.42, 44.2 IP/ 25 App; Josh Davis ERA 2.50, 50.1 IP/ 23 App) along with some strong looking closers (Scott Moses ERA 0.94, 38 IP/ 27 App, 3 saves, BB/K 9/37; Garrett Fanchier ERA 4.11, 30.2 IP/ 30 App, 11 saves, BB/K 9/20). At the plate, Belmont has 3 regulars hitting over .300, led by Zac Mitchell (BA .361, SLG .542, OBP .493, 36RBI, 5HR, 20-23 SB) and the team BA is .266, with a combined 32 HR and 290 RBI. Something to keep an eye out for is Belmont being feisty on the basepaths, having already stolen 86 bases on 116 attempts this year.

Belmont may not be as awestruck as your typical mid major in Alex Box, as the Bruins used to play in a 10,000+ seat minor league park in Nashville up until 2 years ago, but I doubt they've seen crowds like they will experience this weekend. Belmont may hang with Oregon St for a bit, and could give ULM some serious trouble, but with just a 1-2 record against the Top 50 RPI, this weekend will be a level of competition that the Bruins may not be ready for..

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