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Link Gumbo 6/18/12

It still hurts. Stony Brook getting blown out didn't help any either.  Mandatory Credit: Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE
It still hurts. Stony Brook getting blown out didn't help any either. Mandatory Credit: Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Apologies for the size of today's Gumbo, but I have been lax in my blogging duties here recently and have a backlog of information to share.

The Cinderella story of Stony Brook ended with a quickness this weekend as they 2 and BBQ'd the weekend with a surprising lack of output. The Seawolves' combined final scores of 21-3 was the lowest output by a team in the CWS in nearly twenty years.

Which is good way to bring up a few LSU updates. While I've not been able to find any direct quotes of Mainieri's comments about his coaching staff and particularly Javi Sanchez's role, many outlets are confirming that the entire staff will remain intact for next season (very last line of The Adovcate's report). The roster will be quite a bit different, however, as there are a few recognizable names who will no longer be with the team.

Kevin Gausman - Not signed yet, but only a matter of time

Closer Nick Goody - Signed with New York

CF Arby Fields - According to Mainieri, was offered a "opportunity to return but in a diminished role." However, Fields' twitter feed suggests this may not happen. Time will tell on this one.

LHP Braden Strickland and OF Jackson Slaid - transferring away in search of playing time.

RHP Carson Baranik - a promising freshman pitcher who's season started with a DUI and a suspension will not have his scholarship renewed and left the program about a month ago.

Add to all that the losses of Senior anchors Austin Nola and Tyler Hanover, and even backup lifers Grant Dozar and Jordy Snickeris and it's going to be an LSU team with a very different look over recent year's past.

The team is gone now to the far flung corners of the various collegiate summer leagues, with most of the bigger names headed to Cape Cod, while Evan Powell will be on one of the greatest named teams ever, the Danville Dans.

Looking to the future, 2014 commit OF Justin Williams from Houma is starting to turn some heads.

Kevin Gausman was named a finalist for the National College Pitcher of the Year.

It's little comfort for how the season ended, but things like ESPN's Doug Glanville's letter to The Advocate after his experience calling the Super Regional eases the pain just a bit.

Northwestern St has hired away Miss St's lead recruting assistant coach Lane Burroughs to be their new head coach. This is notable as NW St. has a history of being a stepping stone for future head baseball coaches in the SEC.

It seemed a bit odd when 2-time SEC Freshman of the Week Krystal Forthan transferred away from the women's basketball program to West Virginia. It's now even odder when it was found that she has decided to leave basketball for a career in modeling without ever enrolling at WVU.

An amazing weekend of golf for LSU's favorite sons David Toms and John Peterson, who both tied for 4th place at the US Open and have earned themselves spots in next year's Master's tournament. The highlight of the weekend was Peterson's Hole in One on Saturday, which we linked to earlier.

Les Miles went back to his old stomping grounds of Elyria, Ohio to give a speech at his high school's graduation. Our own Billy Gomila was able to obtain a transcript.

LSU Football replays are back on the rotation on Cox Sports (full schedule). The replays are on Sunday night's and Wednesday afternoons.

The playoff debate between the powers that be continues as the room seems to be split clearly between the Rose Bowl zealots of the B1G/P12 and the backstabbing "friends" of the SEC/BXII. TeamSpeedKills looks through the politics to see what's really going on.

This is where I mention the SEC Championship rings that were handed out to the football team last week were of a less than ideal nature. Moving on...

In a ranking of "Untouchable" NCAA basketball records, Pete Maravich's 44.2 PPG record comes in at #2 behind only UCLA's 7 straight titles.

A few great reads about southern college football that I've come across in the past week: From the Dothan (AL) Eagle, a look at the future of the Sun Belt which will now have divisions, but not enough teams (yet) for a championship game. From The Chronicle of Higher Education, the story of a Memphis football player and his struggles to learn to read and write while supporting his family and somehow remaining academically eligible. From Shakin' The Southland, another entry in their graduate level course on Line Blocking.

As the college sports calendar draws to a close (Omaha is all that remains) the long good byes and welcome mats are starting to roll out. Burnt Orange Nation has an ongoing series devoted to saying good bye to A&M in the most polite way possible. Meanwhile, our Kansas St. friends at Bring On The Cats point out that Texas A&M and Mizzou are both leaving after some of their most successful years ever in BXII play. TeamSpeedKills was on-site in Atlanta a few weeks ago for an SEC-hosted welcome party for area alumni of both new schools. One thing that won't be making the transition? Mizzou's frankly great "skinny M" baseball logo.

Ole Miss' home and home with Tulane has been a big hit for their fans looking for an easy excuse to party in The Quarter for an afternoon then watch the Rebs wail on O.P. Walker's JV squad in a frozen Superdome for a few hours. But it's hit a big snag this year as the game has received the dreaded 11 AM kickoff (FYI, LSU is @ Auburn that week) Tulane's plans for an on-campus stadium continue to roll around in the muck of the NOLA City Council, but they appear to be gaining some traction.

Dan Mullen having to respond to comments from La Tech's Sonny Dykes about the quality of his football team may be the most Miss St thing ever.

There was some severe blood-letting at the Times Picayune last week, including Louisiana sports legend Peter Finney, who's been around long enough to have covered Paul Dietzel installing the Wing-T in '58

Best wishes to Sean McDonough, one of ATVS's favorite announcers, as he undergoes brain surgery this August.