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Link Gumbo 7/12/12

The waiting game on Kevin Gausman continues very quietly. Baltimore is rumored to have made a fresh new offer on Wednesday afternoon, while Gausman unintentionally confirmed that no negotiations had happened over the weekend by revealing he had been climbing the mountains with a friend in his native Colorado. There isn't a single member of the media, national or otherwise, who thinks Gausman wont sign by the deadline at 4pm CST Friday. Our SBN counterparts at Camden Chat are understandably frustrated with the idea that their organization could fail to sign the #4 overall pick of the draft.

Speaking of pitcher's the official Minor League Baseball website had a nice profile of former Tiger Ben Alsup, who's doing well in Class A ball this year.

We may not trust Alleva when he says it, but if Verge Ausberry, the mastermind behind the 2011 season, says LSU wants to move the A&M game to Thanksgiving week, then y'all better get ready for turkey days in College Station. There will be competition from Mississippi, however, as both Egg Bowl participants have expressed a desire to move the Jefferson Pilot classic back to Thanksgiving night.

We have our first confirmed TigerVision game of the season as LSU has announced the Idaho game will be on PPV in the state of Louisiana with a 7pm kickoff and very likely free on outside of the blackout area.

If it were my decision, a DC who's team game up 70 points in a BCS game should be allowed no where near LSU, but according to rumor former Clemson DC Kevin Steele will be joining the staff in an unpaid "administrative capacity"(WVU just scored again)

LSU recently put together a page detailing all of the National and SEC championships that have been won, which is as good a point as any to remind you all of the Boxing Dynasty LSU had until the NCAA canceled the sport in '56

Steampunk Emperor Barkevious Mingo got a great write-up from Dr. Saturday, who's now at CBSSports.

Rosetta at TSD muses on how best Tyrann Mathieu could apply himself this season.

Tiger Rag has a great breakdown of the current roster after all of the recent attrition.

The SEC has quite a few new coaches this season. You should familiarize yourself with them.

The SEC is also the great standard bearer for grass fields in college football.

SEC officials will experiment with a wireless communication system in a few conference games this fall, similar to the systems used in World Cup Soccer officiating.

Mizzou has a neat video detailing the installation of their new field.

Vandy unveiled some new unis yesterday that have an understated and simple yet very sharp look (I can't make up my mind about that white helmet) Texas A&M and Miss St., both Adidas schools, will release their new uniforms today.

The 2012 CFB award watch lists are being released this week and everyone and their brother is on it. [PDF Link]

After the ACC announced it now has controlling stake in the Orange Bowl, Notre Dame is looking to get a contractually secured spot in it. These playoffs are looking more and more like the BCS all the time...

Things have gotten so bad in the WAC that the conference is thinking of dropping football, which could mean a drop to 1-AA for 2 very old programs. Meanwhile, former WAC and current Sun Belt commish Karl Benson had some very grand designs for his new conference which even included a 33-team amalgamation of Sun Belt, WAC, C-USA, and MWC schools.

USL comes in at #63 on Pre-Snap Read's exhaustive season preview countdown, ahead of 20 BCS and 3 SEC schools.

UNO's new AD got a profile in the Times-Pic, detailing the battle he faces keeping that dept. solvent while remaining in D1.

Tulane's biggest obstacle in it's drive to get a new stadium may be gone as the NOLA City Council plans to drop it's zoning measures that would have prevented the construction.

Saturday Down South reports that while the NFL is working to fix a growing attendance problem, college football is enjoying record attendance.

Auburn's top recruit for the 2013 class racked up quite a rap sheet in just 10 days.

Saban's anger seems to run in the family.

EA's NCAA 13 simulation tech may need some serious re-working. Reviews for the game have been all over the place, with the general gaming sites approving and the sports gaming specific sites having harsher criticisms. I wont get my hands on a copy until next week, but you can expect a few words on it around here soon.

While he's certainly not the only still unsigned top NFL Draft pick, Mo Claiborne could miss the beginning of Cowboys camp due to signing issues. Meanwhile, our friends on Canal Street are about to enter full blown panic mode.

A total of 10 current and former track and field athletes and 2 women's basketball stars from LSU will compete in the summer Olympics for various countries.

An LSU Engineering alumnus has made the US Paralympic Sailing team.