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Link Gumbo 7/23/12 - Happy Birthday Mike VI

Video via TeamSpeedKills

You'll have to forgive our lack of coverage around Media Day, but there was really nothing to talk about concerning Les Miles or the players that went. Aside from a few light chuckles about the performance in the NCG, Miles was surprisingly normal, which made him the weirdest thing there. Indeed, it was a down year for SEC Media Days as far as the usual shenanigans go. You can catch a transcript of Les in the Main Room HERE, but as always, a decent video of the event cannot be found.

Well, I say there was nothing of note. A Certain Man from Gannett, Louisiana is convinced that a "BOMBSHELL" was dropped by Miles, and he's not referring to the jokes. ATVS Bylaws mean I wont be linking to it, but to summarize, our favorite reporter latched onto Miles saying the following

Maybe he could have taken some snaps in that national championship game should he have not gotten hurt, you know, earlier in that bowl practice, so...

HURT YOU SAY!? I'll save you the typical melodrama, but The Man From Gannett goes on a goose chase for the rest of the day investigating this injury, and quotes Mettenberger saying that

"I did hit my hand on a helmet, but if my number was called in the national championship game, I would've definitely been ready to play."

"It did hurt for a couple of days, but I could've played."

Gannett draws the usual allusions to his favorite "Les Miles has lost control of this team" speil he's been riding since the Shady's incident, ignoring, of course, the facts that 1. Any player on any team is going to do and say anything to be on the field in the National Championship Game and 2. Mett was still 3rd on the depth chart behind the other QB who didn't get in the game. (You know, the one that this same writer accused of skipping class and becoming inelegible, only to graduate in the spring just like everyone else knew he would.) You keep searching for the real killers, Gannett. I'm sure you'll find them one day.

Les Miles will be all over ESPN again today as part of a the SEC coaches annual "car wash" visit to the network. You can find his appearance times for various shows here.

Later this morning, the NCAA will take the unprecedented step of sanctioning Penn St directly by order of NCAA president Mark Emmert, rather than the usual process that involves an enforcement investigation. In other scandal news, it would appear that Miami really, REALLY, wants to get the death penalty.

Elsewhere, Jim Delany has lost his mind. The B1G commish announced a proposal that would give him the power to have a direct involvement in the firing and the hiring of coaches in the B1G. Current B1G coaches had a measured and thoughtful response to these ideas.

"Are you f-cking kidding me?"

Clemson had it's own media days of a sort this week on somebody's back porch (OK, the only reason I'm linking to this is because I enjoy Robbie Caldwell discussing an offensive line. I wish somebody in the SEC would hire him back)

The final approval has been given by the state for the South Endzone/Tennis facility improvements. Construction will begin this fall. Also last week, the university announced that the Ath. Dept. will be giving LSU $5.5 Million to help cover another shortfall in this year's budget. (Usual reminder: LSU Athletics uses no state or student subsidies to operate and is one of the few programs in the country that turns a profit)

If anyone knows anything about the status of LSU's once growing hockey club team, please drop us a line. After the sudden closure of the team days before the start of last season, the club appears to be not active once again for this season. The heavy favorite to win the SECHC this year is once again Alabama.

LSU has no games planned for it (yet) but here's this year's list of SEC Network/JP/LF/Raycom TV affiliates for football season, including such far off locales as Hawaii and Alaska. Cox Sports announced that their station has been picked up on a few more local cable systems in Louisiana, just in time for the Saints preseason games.

Football Study Hall did a review of the 1971 Orange Bowl between LSU and Nebraska, featuring an entire replay of the game. If you're interested in more old LSU losses, Texas A&M's official site has the 1994 LSU - A&M game up for viewing.

In an interview with Sports Today, Richard Dickson revealed that the player honored with this year's #18 jersey will be Bennie Logan.

Mo Isom is still working out with the team this summer ahead of another tryout this August. She's currently squatting 286lbs.

LSU made some waves in the recruiting circles last week by making it's first offer for it's 2017 class to U-High's Dylan Moses. Moses is 6ft, 218lbs, and starts the 8th grade this fall.

New Head Basketball Coach Johnny Jones had a profile in a recent issue of Sporting News where he talks about what he sees in the talent available in Louisiana. LSU Legend Chris Jackson aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was briefly on campus for the first time in years and became the final player to accept his All-Century team award from 3 years ago. A new rule in college basketball (that I hope one day extends to football) allows coaches to train players during the summer if they are enrolled in summer school. This is a big benefit to every team, except the Ivies.

The Olympics inch ever closer and Lolo Jones got the cover of Time magazine this week. The New York TImes also used her practice runs to explain the science of the sport.

The SEC and BXII are expected to begin reviewing bids for the Champions Bowl this week, and Dallas is the early favorite.

The NCAA is working on a rule change for baseball that would allow fair or foul ball calls to be overturned.

Ole Miss announced they recently received a large donation to help their stadium expansion project that includes plans for a "Victory Bell" (when would they ever ring it?)

EA Sports settled a lawsuit that was brought over it's exclusive NFL licence but the penalties do hardly anything to the Madden games. In fact, it's the NCAA Football franchise that may have taken the most damage. It was also revealed that many of the inexplicably missing fight songs from this year's game, including Baylor's, are tied up in a licensing company that may have gone out of business.

Happy Birthday to Mike VI, who turns 7 years old today.